This is what Donald Trump would look like with normal hair

This is what Donald Trump would look like with normal hair

If the last two years could be characterized by anything, it's probably Donald Trump's Presidency.

Madcap, unpredictable and polarising in equal measure, President Trump dismayed those optimistic few who had hoped his divisive rhetoric might be tempered somewhat once he gained the office of the presidency, while his most staunch advocates will have been delighted to see the former businessman continue very much in the same vein as his rally-rabble-rousing, unapologetic, chaotic campaign trail.

Since his shock victory in the presidential election, in which he defeated Democratic rival Hilary Clinton to romp his way to the White House despite a bizarre year of campaigning that saw Trump veer from allegations of sexual harassment to perceived links to Russia without so much as breaking stride.

Of course, that is all ancient history now. Clinton has attempted to rationalise the madness in her book What Happened, though in doing so has arguably won little sympathy from those who hold that she very much dropped the ball - in spectacular fashion - by failing to triumph over Trump.

Predictably, Trump's Presidency has resulted in the former businessman being widely mocked for some of his more bizarre personal habits, not least his appearance, which has been the subject of many a late night television skit.

Clearly, his hair has taken the brunt of the criticism, whether through carefully dissected press photographs or its mere appearance perched atop the President's head, blowing hither and thither in the wind to create an altogether startling image.

While the President must be commended for continuing to have an ostensibly full head of hair, someone has clearly decided that they want to know what Trump would like if he were to have a more normal, standard issue, run of the mill hairstyle.

So, in true 21st century style, they photoshopped what they considered a more age-appropriate hairstyle atop of the President's head, and it makes a marked difference to his overall appearance.

What do you think of the President's alternative look? Is he better off with his current crop of hair? You decide.