This girl told her family she was gay by accident and brutally insulted her homophobic grandmother

This girl told her family she was gay by accident and brutally insulted her homophobic grandmother

What would the festive period be without a blazing family row? Christmas isn't Christmas until someone upsets a member of the family is some form or another. Whether it's an insult about the turkey, or a major political debate between your conservative uncle and hippy aunt, the festive period tends to bring out the best and the worst in us. Maybe it's the fact that we're all fueled up on a mixture of beer, wine, spirits and liquor. Or, maybe it's that we received pajamas, socks and pants again when we don't even need them. Whatever it is, as a general rule of thumb, underneath all that Christmas joy and happiness lies a deep-rooted anger that is ready to boil over at any minute.

This certainly seemed to be the case for one Imgur user, who upset her grandmother after she accidentally revealed that she was gay. It's not quite clear what the girl said in order to initiate the big reveal, but she claims that she accidentally came out in front of her whole family, which includes her stereotypically homophobic grandma. Judging by her use of constant capital letters throughout the following text messages, emotions were clearly running very high in the family household.

Uploading the photo to the image sharing platform Imgur, Katie, who is is the girl in question, captioned it:

"The most terrifying five minutes of my life. but now that it's over, I'm kinda proud of this."

The picture went viral on the website and Katie, who is just 16-years-old, decided to provide a bit more context to the story, providing us with what happened after the showdown.

"the door was shut before i realized what i had said, and then i ran into the bathroom, where i sent that text.

while i was hiding in the bathroom, my cousin knocked on the door, 'you can come out now' she said, followed by 'well i guess you already did that, but' anyway, we took refuge in her room"

"apparently, after i left the room my grandmother turned to my mom and said something to the extent of 'how could you let your daughter become a queer' my mother, aunt, and uncle all went off at her for that one, there was quite a bit of yelling after a while, my mother came upstairs and told me that she supported me no matter what, and then we left without talking to my grandmother.

"the next morning, she called to apologize for her actions. i have no idea how sincere this apology was because my mother was the one on the phone with her, but i am still invited to christmas."

Well done to Katie's family for sticking up for the teenager, no one should be made to feel guilty for who they are. Also, it must be said, it was a great clapback by Katie when she told her cousin that she was just popping out to go to hell. Superb stuff.

It's set to be a very awkward Christmas dinner around that family dinner. As I mentioned previously, if you're not having a major fallout with one member of your family at Christmas time - you're doing it all wrong.