Girl's hilarious text messages from her dad go viral after he found a 'sex toy' in her bedroom

Girl's hilarious text messages from her dad go viral after he found a 'sex toy' in her bedroom

There are some things in life that simply do not go together; toothpaste and orange juice for one, or socks and sandals. Separately, they're great, but together... not so much. And this principle applies to parents, too. By themselves, they're most likely lovely. But couple them with an awkward sex scene in a movie or a discussion about how much you've eaten over Thanksgiving, and they're suddenly not so fun after all.

Twitter user, @__emmiilly found this out in the worst way possible, as she ended up with the dreaded combo: dad + talking about sex toys.

Fortunately for Emily, it wasn't a sex toy at all. Unfortunately, however, the damage had already been done, and both parties were left feeling rather red-faced.

It all began with this ominous message:

Now, if I had received that message from my dad as a teenager, I'd start fearing the worst. Maybe, "Has the school called and said something bad?" Or, "Did I forget to do some really important chores?" Or even, "Has a relative died?"

Thankfully, the situation was nothing that serious. Well, not to Emily, anyway. Her dad, on the other hand, seemed to have something very pressing that he wanted to discuss with her.

So he sent two more messages. Here's the first one (you can probably see where this is going).

And the second:



Yes, ladies and gentle readers, Emily's dad has found what he thinks is a sex toy, and rather than just put it back and pretending he never saw it like a normal person, he decided to confront his daughter directly.

However, rather than just put her dad out of his misery straight away and let him know of his mistake, Emily prompted him to describe exactly what he thinks he's just found. And the internet is so glad she did.

Not even able to bring himself to say "sex toy" or "vibrator", Emily's dad describes the mystery object as one of "those disgusting toys that vibrate". Amazing. Even better, he seems to imply that there's no way she can talk her way out of it, as he's "not that old", and obviously knows what it is.

Unable to stand the embarrassment any further, though, Emily finally lets him know his mistake.

And not only does she educate him on what a portable phone charger is, she also teaches him a lesson about respecting someone else's privacy. So what started as a stern, "we need to talk" message quickly ended up with Emily's dad sheepishly dropping the conversation using the old "get home safe" line. Oh, how the tables have turned.

The teenager then posted the messages on Twitter, saying the whole ordeal was "so awkward".

But let's get real here for a second - even if this was a sex toy, and Emily had been hiding it from her parents, would that really be so terrible? She's clearly not a kid, and, without wanting to beat around the bush here, it's probably better that she got her rocks off with a "disgusting toy" than a disgusting boy.

Either way, Emily clearly won this round - and rightfully so.