These are the greatest parenting tweets of 2017 so far

These are the greatest parenting tweets of 2017 so far

Being a parent is tough. And if you're the mother in the situation, not only are you saddled with a veritable human invader (or parasite) for nine months, but you're also responsible for actually giving birth to it. And if you can think back to those mandatory childbirth videos we were so rudely forced to watch back in school, you'll know that childbirth is no walk in the park - no, it's more in the vein of blood, guts and gore.

And yeah, while you come out of it all with a little bundle of joy, that solely you and your partner are responsible for raising, it's safe to say that it doesn't get any easier. Up until the age of 18, you're accountable for financially and emotionally (but mostly financially) supporting the joyous union of you and your significant other's souls. However, despite all the poop-related disasters you're bound to experience, it's all worth it at the end of the day... because there's simply no getting out of it (just kidding, of course).

Here are 12 of the most hilarious parenting tweets of 2017...

1. Parenting requires a sense of humour 

2. This sounds like quite the wake-up call 

3. Yup. 

4. Are you listening, Silicon Valley? 

5. Not again! 

6. Children can be so impossible

7. Always take the teddy bear... 

8. They don't appreciate anything 

9. Happy Hour just isn't a thing anymore 

10. Never has a truer word been spoken 

11. Ditto this 

12. Yup, being a parent is really hard 

Well, there you have it - being a parent is not an endeavour anyone should take on lightly. While you undoubtedly love your little troublemakers more than anything in the world, you have to be prepared for the realities of being a full-time carer. AKA, no more happy hours.

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