Grieving woman finds her 'murdered' ex working in a restaurant

Grieving woman finds her 'murdered' ex working in a restaurant

They say that love never dies. For one Australian woman, this transpired to be the case after she ran into her ex in a local restaurant, despite being told that he had been murdered two years earlier.

Rachel, whose last name has been withheld, was even told by her partner’s mother that he had been slain by a bike gang before their paths crossed at the eatery. Needless to say, she was slightly surprised at the turn of events. 

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Rachel relayed her story to ABC News, where she revealed that she had met then 21-year-old “Alistair” at a pub where they were both employed.  As she told reporters, at the start of the relationship, "He was really attentive, nice, like really not odd. I think that's what's relevant."

About three months into the budding relationship, Alistair acquired a serious hand injury that left him unable to work, and requested around $1,000 from Rachel in order to keep his head above water. She agreed, and lent him the money. When they broke up a few months later, Alistair paid back about $300 of the full amount. This, however, was when things started to spiral.

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Soon Alistair stopped responding to Rachel’s request for the rest of the money. In a matter of weeks, he had vanished from the house they had been sharing, taking his belongings with him. As Rachel explained, "Furniture was gone, bed was gone, everything was gone."

After Rachel spoke to Alistair’s other friends, it became clear that she wasn’t his only creditor. From what they told her, Rachel gathered that he owed about $2,200 in “informal personal debt.” As she put it, "The moment we went 'OK, he owes everyone money', the anxiety and urgency of the situation ramped up. The story was falling apart really, really quickly."

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However, just when her suspicions reached their peak, Rachel received a call from Alistair’s mother. According to her, Alistair had just been killed by a group of biker thugs to whom he also owed money. Rachel was shocked, but didn’t question the story.

As she explained, "It sounds stupid in retrospect, but you don't have any reason to question it. If I called you and told you my mum died, you wouldn't be like, 'give me a death certificate'." Sad and startled, Rachel elected to “grieve in her own way and move on”.

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Two years after Alistair’s “passing”, Rachel found herself sitting in a local restaurant. Suddenly, she remembered that Alistair’s brother worked there. As she recalls, she spoke to a waitress and said, “I haven't seen him in ages, and I'd like to say hi”. It was when the waitress returned to the table to tell them that, though the brother wasn’t at work, Alistair was. 

Understandably shocked, Rachel requested that the waitress ask Alistair to come out and see her. As she stated, "Next thing I know, manager's over [to ask] 'is there a problem here?'" after which he asked her and her friend to leave the premises. 

Unsure what to do, Rachel decided to call the police. However, law enforcement officials informed her that “ was basically my word against his that I’d ever give him money” and that there was very little that could be done. Despite calling the restaurant again, demanding to speak to Alistair, she was unable to make contact. She even received a second call from Alistair’s mother, telling her that the “scene” she had made had cost her previously dead son his job. Reluctantly, Rachel eventually gave up hope of receiving justice. 

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Incredibly, however, the story did not end there. Several years after the near-run-in at the restaurant, Rachel was eating at another business in town, when Alistair appeared once again. Though still startled, this time, she wasn’t going to let him get away. 

She recalled that, “We made eye contact, and you could see he recognized me.” She remembers saying, “Long time no see!” before Alistair responded, “Oh, yeah, it has been a long time.”

Despite the awkwardness, she was still able to fire off a question about the money, but he almost immediately beat a hasty retreat. It just goes to show that you can’t always take people at their word where money’s concerned - even if it involves death.