This 40-year-old mom's before and after photos are going viral due to her insanely youthful looks

This 40-year-old mom's before and after photos are going viral due to her insanely youthful looks

Ageing is just one of those things that we all have to face up to. There comes a day when suddenly wrinkles appear around your eyes and on your forehead. Your hairline may begin retreating and a tyre will begin to develop around your waist. While there are things we can do to fight the signs of ageing, such as exercising, certain oils and specialized treatments - it's a natural process that we all have to go through at some stage or another.

However, it appears that one mother situated in Novia Scotia doesn't have to deal with the natural stages of ageing. Kienya Booker, 40, has gone viral thanks to now-and-then photos of her and her daughters were shared online.

It all began when Kienya shared a collage of herself and her daughters when they were just young children and then what they look like now. The mom-of-three shared the images with her 80,000 followers on Instagram and it would be easy to believe that she was just one of the sisters, rather than their mother.

Kienya mainly uses her Instagram to showcase her natural hair tutorials and the girls make regular appearances on the account, sometimes posing as models for a variety of their mother's looks.

Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle about the attention, Kienya explained that the photos were meant as just meant as a regular #ThrowbackThursday post.

"The top half of the picture was a throwback of me and my daughters from about 12 to 13 years ago, and the bottom half was a more recent picture of us," she said. "And that’s when it all started."

Soon enough, the family became a meme with many of them following the same line of joke: "She’s not the mom, she’s their sister" said some users, while others added: "Did their mom even age?"

Despite her incredible, age-defying looks, not all the comments have been flattering, with some users accusing Kienya of posing with the girls for attention. Others have also claimed she must have had the kids when she was a teenager, hence her younger looks, something which simply isn't true.

Kienya says that the experience as a whole has been positive, but that she had been a "bit thrown off with some of the negative comments". Keen to show that the original image wasn't a fluke, the mom has shared multiple photos of her and her girls together.

Kienya's husband, OBryan, cleared up that she does age, despite her eternally youthful looks. Wishing her a happy birthday on his own Instagram account, the lucky man said:

"Happy ** Birthday to my beautiful wife @kienyabooker," he wrote. "I [love] you very much! I thank God for you and that you were blessed to be here another year! Fine Wine or China ain’t got nothing on you!!"

Whatever the secret to Kienya's success is, I hope that she shares it with us as we could all do with some age-defying tips. Now, I'm going to go and cover my face with Aloe Vera oil and hope that I no longer look like a mess.