9 Self care tips for when you're feeling stressed

9 Self care tips for when you're feeling stressed

Self care has become a veritable buzz-word in recent years, with practices such as yoga, meditation, clean eating, and the like taking hold across popular culture (namely, Instagram). Yes, take a scroll through your Insta feed, and you're bound to be met with an acquaintance who has recently acquiesced to veganism, or another who waxes lyrical about the benefits of Epsom salt baths (and a glass of pinot noir).

And however much we love to laugh at so-called wellness fads, anything that strives to help us wind down after a hectic time should at least be considered. So if you've had a particularly trying week, and need something to help you feel a bit more zen before Monday morning hits, here are some of the best self care tips out there. Who knows, they may even make the Sunday Scaries less anxiety-inducing...

1. Indulge yourself 

Have you been eyeing up that beauty product, or lusting after a pair of new kicks? Treat yourself. You've had a hard week, and a little bit of retail therapy (albeit, within reason) never did anyone much harm.

2. Do one of your favourite things 

This could be playing your all-time favourite song, watching a movie that you love or taking a day-trip to somewhere you liked to visit when you were a child.

3. Do something artistic 

Even if you're not the most creative person out there, try your hand at a pottery class or pick up that artist's pad you've had hanging around for years. Not only is it incredibly therapeutic, but you'll feel so accomplished when you come out with a stellar piece of "art" at the end.

4. Make a list of things you're grateful for

In the world we live in, it's all too easy to get caught up with all of the things that we don't have, rather than the things that we do. So instead of focusing on the negatives, take some time to reflect on all of the things you're thankful for - it could include your friends and family, or be a bit more personal, such as reflecting on your achievements.

5. Take a mental health day 

If you feel as though you're in desperate need of a day off, and can get one from work, do it. Sometimes all you need is a day to clear your mind and recoup to put everything back into perspective. And when you do get that prized day off, make sure it's all about you and the things that you adore doing; whether that's watching re-runs of your favourite guilty pleasure or indulging in a bit of takeout pizza.

6. Do something physical 

A hit of endorphins may be all you need to feel so much better about life after a hard week. But make sure you're doing something you enjoy - if you hate spin class or any form of cardio at all, why not try a ballet barre class or dust off those rollerblades? Alternatively, yoga and pilates are great de-stressors.

7. Try out a wellness "fad" 

While some wellness trends really are fads, others have some real health benefits. So whack out the avocado toast, down a turmeric latte and book yourself a cupping or acupuncture session. Taking time for yourself is never a bad thing.

8. Write in a journal 

Writing it all down can be surprisingly therapeutic. The next time you're overwhelmed, get cosy and work through your emotions the old fashioned way, via pen and paper. Who knows, you may even discover something unexpected about yourself...

9. Let yourself truly feel your feelings

Occasionally all we need is a good cry, so open the floodgates and let yourself feel everything that you've kept bottled up. There's nothing wrong with taking an evening to watch a sad movie and come to grips with your emotions.

Most of us lead hectic lives, and as such, it is increasingly difficult for us to take enough time for ourselves; to reflect on the day, our general contentment and all of the things that truly matter. However, it's really worth doing so in the end.