Bodybuilder shares photos that show how eating certain foods totally changes her body

Bodybuilder shares photos that show how eating certain foods totally changes her body

This festive season comes with its downsides. While Christmas is undeniably the best time of year, all the excessive consumption of food, drink and incessant amounts of lying on the sofa, does little to aid our waistlines and stomachs. It can be hard to browse social media at this time of the year and not feel guilty. With the rise of fitness bloggers who are more than happy to flash their toned abs and bulging biceps, it can be nice to see someone who shows that is not always the case.

Say hello Michelle Middleton, a YouTuber, bodybuilder and figure competitor who has racked up more than 102,000 followers on Instagram. Michelle is pretty shredded, with her having an incredibly lean physique and flat stomach. But while she is more than happy to flaunt her muscles online, Michelle is also aware that she doesn't always look that toned.

Michelle often suffers from extreme bloating when she consumes certain foods and shares the photos on her Instagram account in order to reassure her followers that even the buffest people experience ballooned bellies after eating and drinking.

"When I say I’m bloated... I’m bloated." Says Michelle. "I do these bloat posts every now and then but people still get surprised at how big my belly gets."

"Yes I get bloated and it happens when I eat certain foods. I pretty much know which foods are going to do it (high FODMAP) but sometimes I will eat it anyways."

"Like earlier I had Greek yogurt and I got bloated within a few minutes but the bloat only lasted for a few hours and now I’m back to normal. The foods that make me the most bloated are yogurts, protein powders, apples, pears, watermelon, broccoli, cauliflower and asparagus."

Michelle follows a low FODMAP (sugar) diet, something which is recommended for those with IBS and other digestive disorders, and the fitness guru says that this is a massive help in her tendency for bloating.

But while the diet aids Michelle in her quest to fight bloating, it doesn't stop it entirely. The bodybuilder says that she will prioritise a food that she wants to eat over how flat it will make her tummy look.

"I get bloated all the time," says Michelle. "I pretty much know what foods are going to bloat me so it’s just a matter of if I care or not."

"I followed #fodmap in the past to figure out what works or doesn’t work for me and it helped immensely. That’s why I recommend girls who tend to get bloated to try a low Fodmap diet."

"Don’t freak out if you’re bloated. It’s only temporary and will go away."

Unsurprisingly, Michelle's posts are awash with people thanking her for showing that it's normal to bloat and that you won't always be a lean, mean, fat-fighting machine.

See? Bloating is normal. So now, when you've eaten so much turkey and roast potatoes that you look like you're pregnant on Christmas Day, you can simply convince yourself that you're a fitness blogger and no longer worry about it.