Guy goes from 'breaking point' weight to totally ripped in six months after his girlfriend cheats on him

Guy goes from 'breaking point' weight to totally ripped in six months after his girlfriend cheats on him

After suffering a breakup, most people react somewhere along a spectrum of two extremes. At one end, there's wallowing away with a tub of ice cream while watching back-to-back episodes of Friends on Netflix, and, at the other, there's downloading Tinder while exercising away the pain on a treadmill.

Understandably, a lot of us end up on the "please just leave me alone in the dark with this takeaway pizza" side of the scale, simply because breakups take a pretty harsh toll on us emotionally. If we let it go on for too long, though, we run the risk of creating even more problems for ourselves - which is exactly what happened to 26-year-old Dwayne O'Connor.

After his four-year relationship was cut short by his cheating girlfriend, the fitness instructor lost all motivation for his job and his commitment to his body, and subsequently let himself get to "breaking point".

This is what he looked like at his lowest:

However, after six months of trying to deal with his sadness by overeating and neglecting his old passions, O'Connor realized he had undone a lot of the hard work he had previously put into maintaining his figure.

"I started to put on weight and before I knew it, I had stretch marks on my stomach and three chins," he said. "I started eating junk food on a daily basis and every time I looked in the mirror I would be disappointed in myself."

But it wasn't just his physique that had taken a knock.

"Physically, mentally and emotionally I was at breaking point," he explained. "My friends didn't like to see me down, so they helped me get a few sessions back in the gym, it really did mean a lot."

So, with a little help from his pals and a lot of hard work, O'Connor transformed himself into this:

In only six months, the fitness instructor managed to lose three stone and seven pounds (which is incredible, considering the amount of muscle he gained), and cut his body fat percentage from 28 percent to just seven percent.

Though this may seem like an impossible transition to make in just half a year, O'Connor explains that he had a little bit of an advantage compared to most other people. "Six months might seem fast but - because I was a fitness instructor before the breakup - I already had a few years of training behind me," he said, "so I had a decent amount of muscle already."

Having been through such a tough time, O'Connor knows how difficult it is to get motivated to lose weight and become healthier. But he has some advice for others who might be in a similar situation:

"The way I see it is like this... You can't overreact to every bit of positive or negative change in your life.

"The negative, once evaluated with a level head might not be as bad as once thought and if you become upset or discouraged overall negatives that happen to you, your [sic] gonna be miserable all the time, because 's**t happens' ...

"Take everything as it comes, enjoy the small things and try find the middle ground."

So, if you were looking for some motivation to help get yourself through a tough time, why not take a leaf out of Dwayne's book and hit the gym until you're totally ripped.