This mom's graphic c-section selfie is going viral

This mom's graphic c-section selfie is going viral

It comes as no surprise to anyone that women have it tough; not only do we have to deal with institutionalised sexism, but we're also blessed with periods and for some, childbirth. Although no one believes that pushing a fully-fledged human being out of yourself is a pleasurable experience, society continues to denigrate women about how they choose to give birth. And the collective squeamishness over the whole process has not only led to a lot of misinformation but has also made many women feel shameful about opting for C-sections.

Those who have had C-sections are accused of choosing the "easy way out" and their experiences of birth are often downplayed on account of them not being wholly "natural". Certainly, if you were of age in the nineties, you will remember the phrase "too Posh to Push". It became popular in 1999 when Victoria Beckham was criticised for delivering her first child, Brooklyn, via C-section.

Much of this is because people fail to understand why women choose to get C-sections - indeed, many do not "choose" to get them at all. In the majority of cases C-sections are performed on account of medical necessity. And instead of celebrating the fact that infant mortality is continuing to fall in the western world, people continue to judge women on their birth experiences.

One woman, however, has had enough of this kind of chatter. After giving birth to her second child last week, via (you guessed it) C-section, she shared a selfie on Instagram to make a very important point.

Mother of two Olivia White posted the following picture to the social media platform:

In the caption, Olivia described the reality of having a C-section, and contrary to popular belief it is no walk in the park. She wrote:

"To anyone who thinks it's the easy way out, we'll try having a 6 inch gash in your abdomen like a gutted shark who had the body parts of the surfer it ate retrieved! That's then sewn back together with fishing wire while it feels like your vital organs are trying to escape! I mean sure, everything is [sunshine] and [lollipops] till the spinal wears off! After that it's like you've been hit by a bus which then backed over you just to make sure it didn't miss you the first time!

If you don't time the Endone exactly before the previous lot wore off then you will most certainly know you are alive (while wishing you were dead) and worst of all you'll feel as if you'll spend your entire life wearing nanna knickers up around your waist because the thought of anything settling in the canyon between your gut and pubic region is the stuff nightmares are made of.

Anyone who's ever had c section knows that you'll forever be dependant on your friends Nancy, Dr 90210 and Spanx because you cannot for the life of you get rise of the ditch that is left by the scar. But for all the skin tight Kookai dresses I bought while pregnant that now make me look like I have a Kangaroo pouch - I wouldn't change it! Because if it wasn't for the ability to deliver my babies this way they might not be here today plus I recon getting cut from A to B sounds way worse."

And not only could many other mamas relate, but they also took time to praise Olivia for being so candid about the whole process. One Instagram user wrote, "Thank you for showing and telling the world what giving birth via C-sections really is like . I gave birth to my twin daughters via emergency C-section. It's not what I hoped for, but their well being was above anything else", while another just said "Love this! And so true!"

Kudos to Olivia for being so frank about the realities of going through a C-section. But, ultimately I think that delivering a child in any manner means you're tough as nails.