Mother breaks down in tears on live TV as she fails to recognise her son after plastic surgery

Mother breaks down in tears on live TV as she fails to recognise her son after plastic surgery

Television is awash with reality TV shows that showcase the incredible transformations that can be achieved through cosmetic surgery. Whether it's someone wanting to dye their skin purple for no apparent reason, or it's life saving-plastic surgery that is performed by incredible surgeons - we see all types of transformations on our screens.

One show in Thailand is no different. Let Me In showcases some of the most extreme cases of plastic surgery, whether they are good or bad. But in a most recent episode of the popular programme, it showcased the life-changing and positive effects that surgery can have one someone's life.

Noppajit Monlin, 22, suffered from a twisted jaw that left him unable to chew on food and feeling depressed about his appearance. The young man was short on confidence and his facial deformity meant that he was shunned during his lunchbreak by coworkers at the factory he works at in Thailand.

However, luckily for Monlin, he got accepted onto the show and he went under the knife on television. The results were startling, with him looking like a completely different person from before and receiving the confidence boost that he so desperately required.

The changes to his appearance were so radical that his mom struggled to recognise her son when she initially set eyes on his new re-structured appearance. But even more incredibly, she had the cheek to say that she missed his natural face!

According to the show, Noppajit underwent a series of different procedures, with the young man going through jaw, forehead and eyelid surgery as well as having salivary gland botox injections in order to fix his excessive drooling problem. The factory worker also had skin treatments to get rid of his spots.

Upon seeing her new-look son for the first time, his mother said: "I really miss him, and I'm not acting"

As his mom continues to sob, Noppajit asks her "Mum, do you remember me? Look at me."

She replied, saying: "Is it you? Is it really you?"

Speaking about his new looks, a smiling Noppajit says: "People say I'm a different person. I feel much better. Before, people said my face was not normal and society didn't accept me, now I have more friends."

However, despite the new attention, the 22-year-old said he would be staying loyal to his girlfriend, a 26-year-old transgender woman who he met on the internet.

Only identified as Tob, she said: "I'm protective of him, but I'm not scared [of him leaving me]. We've trusted each other since the beginning."

It's hard to know where to stand on cosmetic surgery sometimes. On one hand it's a completely brilliant discovery, with the potential to save and change the lives of people who are living in misery. But. on the other hand, when you look at people like Jackie Stallone, Michael Jackson and Lil Kim, it's easy to see how quickly it can go too far.