New research will tell you what sort of drunk you are

New research will tell you what sort of drunk you are

As one of the most commonly-consumed drugs around the globe, alcohol and its effects are pretty well-known by most people. And, to many, it may seem that alcohol affects everybody differently.

For instance, you get sad drunks and happy drunks, energetic drunks and lethargic drunks, angry drunks and affectionate drunks - the list goes on and on. Sometimes it depends on how much alcohol you consume, whether or not you mixed drinks, or how frequently you indulge in an alcoholic beverage.

However, according to a study conducted by the University of Missouri at Colombia, there are just four main categories into which all drunks fit - and they're all named after well-known figures.

The first group are called 'The Hemingways', and get their name from the famous author.

Now, anyone who knows a thing or two about Ernest Hemingway might think that this is a bad group to be a part of, as the American writer was well-recognized for his heavy drinking habits. Indeed, a lot of his books depict characters regularly getting absolutely trashed, and often finding themselves in bad situations because of it.

However, the group is so-named because people in this category show little to no personality change when drunk - much like Hemingway.

Around 40 per cent of people fit this description, making it the biggest group overall.

Next up is 'The Mary Poppins' group.

If you've seen the film (and, if you haven't, go watch it immediately), you'll know that Mary Poppins is essentially the sweetest person ever. She's patient, she's kind, and she puts up with all kinds of crap from the kids she's looking after.

Much like Mary, then, individuals who fit into this category tend to be utterly lovely when they've had a drink, and will probably end up being the person to take care of all the messier drunks.

If the first two don't apply to you, then you could be part of 'The Nutty Professor' category.

Unlike The Hemingways, The Nutty Professors show a complete change in personality when they've had a cheeky tipple - much like Eddie Murphy's character does when he's consumed a special potion.

Obviously, people in this group won't become a completely different person after a pint or two, but they will probably become more extroverted and social. This will be most noticeable in people who are usually quite shy when sober.

Last but not least, we have the 'Mr. Hydes'.

Even if you haven't read the book, you're probably familiar with the story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The former persona is an intelligent, well-to-do scientist, whereas the latter (his alternate ego) is violent, irresponsible, and, to put it bluntly, kinda evil.

And, just as Jekyll becomes Hyde after consuming a concoction of chemicals, people who fit this category of drunk turn into their more aggressive self once they've had a swig of an alcoholic beverage.

Ideally, these types of people should avoid drinking too much.

Broken down into their simplest identifiers, then, you have: drunks who exhibit little or no personality change, drunks who become nicer, drunks who become more extroverted, and drunks who get mean. It's probably advisable to know which one you are - and to warn others about it if you're a Hyde.