It turns out you've been removing splinters wrong your entire life

It turns out you've been removing splinters wrong your entire life

There is nothing as annoyingly painful as getting a splinter. You know that exact feeling, initially it feels like nothing then suddenly the pain sets in. You look at your finger or foot and there's a little dark spot on the skin; you, my friend, have a splinter. What follows is five minutes of grabbing it with tweezers and yelling/swearing at every person within a 10 meter radius of yourself.

But what if I told you there was another way? What if I told you that there is a painless and easy way to remove you splinters? I'm not saying that you've been doing it wrong your entire life, I'm just saying that some people were born geniuses and this woman is one of those lucky people.

Meet Claire Bullen-Jones from Wigan, England.

Bullen-Jones took to Facebook last week to reveal her tricks for removing splinters without inducing pain and her life hack has gone viral. Since being posted online, Claire's genius trick has been shared over 88,000 times by people who cannot believe what they were reading.

Kids got a splinter? Grab the calpol box and take out the syringe that comes with it! Make sure it’s clean obviously! You need to make sure there’s a little bit of a gap before you start-picture for example.

If you're feeling a bit unsure about how this would actually work, Bullen-Jones breaks it down into simple terms, making it sound quick and easy.

"Put the small hole at the bottom of the syringe as best you can over the splinter. Once you know your above it, make sure the syringe is touching the skin-and pull! Make sure there’s no gaps otherwise you won’t get it! The syringe will more than likely pull it out in the first go! Pain free, no tugging and pulling, and no little ones upset or scared at getting it out! Don’t pull slowly! You need to pull rather quickly! If it’s a stubborn splinter, just do this a couple of times!"

Claire's tip could be a real life-saver for parents, with her method seemingly being painless for little kids; something that will save moms and dads from plenty of screamy tantrums in the years to come. Understandably, given the brilliance of the method, Claire asks people the share the post in order to help out her fellow parents.

"Saves so much time, and well worth seeing the kids smile at the end of it rather than red faces and tears! Because the plastic is clear, you can check what’s been taken out of the skin! Best parent hack to date! Pass it on mums and dads!

"***for those who’ve inboxed about the calpol syringe, ibuprofen come with them too! Doesn’t matter which you use their both the same!"

What a genius hack from Claire, who has now changed the splinter removal game forever. Some heroes don't wear capes, some heroes are mothers who come from Wigan.