Woman proves that weight is meaningless by posting pics before-and-after losing 1 lb.

Woman proves that weight is meaningless by posting pics before-and-after losing 1 lb.

The industry surrounding weight-loss schemes, foods, products and other related fitness regimes is incredibly prolific. For those looking to lose weight and get the body that they desire as soon as possible, those natural, sugar-free, low-fat yogurts and the endless stream of diets that promise to change your life can start to look pretty appealing.

It could be said that the focus on losing weight often detracts from the healthy living aspect that comes with fitness and eating less damaging foods. But it's not as if attaining the body type you want has to go hand-in-hand with losing weight. Or at least, that is what this fitness blogger is showing us all.

In all likelihood, if you use social media in any capacity, you will have come across at least one before-and-after comparison photo set at some point. You know the ones – where a friend, or even celebrity, that you follow on Instagram or Facebook, celebrates the changes they have made to their appearance after a long period of going to the gym or dieting in some way or another.

You might know these well, but this one is a bit different. Adrienne Osuna, a fitness blogger that has a specific focus on weight training, has gone viral recently after her before-and-after photo started making the rounds on the internet. The mother-of-four initially posted the photo on her blog, but it has since been copied and re-posted across many different platforms, including Imgur, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

After seeing that it had been used by other people, she posted the photo on her own Instagram to make her own comment on it once more. Apparently, some had been using the photo without her permission to sell weight loss products, when the truth is, not only does she not use any such product, but the point of the post is to show how weight loss isn't everything.

You can see the stunning physical transformation, but the real shocking thing is the fact she has only lost two pounds in the process. With that kind of change, you would expect there to be such a small difference, but as she points out in the post, "the scale doesn't measure fat vs muscle".

"I don't mind people sharing it!! But I DID NOT use anyone's products to do this... in fact I didn't even diet to do this ? this was all hard work in the gym lifting heavy weights and intermittent fasting"

Adrienne spent years struggling with her weight, but things changed when she got serious about her health and started a rigorous schedule of power lifting, cardio and intermittent fasting to lose weight and put on muscle. Now she barely weighs less, but has the body that she always wanted.

She continues to blog and post on Instagram to spread the message of good health and body positivity, showing us all that focusing on weight can be a misleading goal.