Woman reveals why she went under the knife for a booty like Beyoncé

Woman reveals why she went under the knife for a booty like Beyoncé

I'm sure that, at one time or another, we've all tried to emulate our idols. As a kid, I remember wanting to look like the Spice Girls (though, looking back at their fashion now, I question my choices), and even in more recent years I've made decisions about my appearance based on the people I admire.

Some people are willing to go further than others when it comes to achieving aesthetic goals, however. Take Rodrigo Alvez, for example - the guy who most people will probably recognise as 'The Human Ken Doll'. The 34-year-old reality star has spent nearly half a million dollars on cosmetic surgery to make himself look like a kid's toy, and has been featured in publications such as Vogue because of his unique looks.

But not everybody's plastic surgery ventures are so extreme.

Tanya Bird, a childcare worker from Melbourne, Australia, recently underwent cosmetic surgery in order to transform her behind from a modest mound to a Beyonce-sized booty. The surgical procedure, known as a Brazilian butt lift, has become a very popular cosmetic augmentation since the likes of Queen Bey and Kim K began dominating the media, and Bird is just one of many to have recently opted in for the rump-plumping op.

The 27-year-old forked out a whopping $17,000 for the procedure, which seems pretty excessive given that similar results can be achieved through a good diet and a dedicated commitment to squats. However, Bird explains that the cheaper option wasn't really that easy for her to achieve.

A car accident in 2013 left her with injuries so painful that they affected her ability to work-out. Speaking to the Daily Mail, the woman said: "After the accident I couldn't do heavy squats. So this year I decided to reward myself with the bum I could have had if I hadn't of had to go through all that."

That sounds fair enough to me. "Plus," she added, "genetically I wasn't very gifted in that department. It fits with the rest of my body shape. And I have thickish-sort of legs so it fits really well."

The procedure is done in two parts. First, surgeons removed fat from Bird's stomach, hips and thighs in a process called Vaser 4D liposuction. Then, the fat was injected into her derriere, so she sort of got a two-for-one, really. The whole operation only took two hours, and Bird reported that she was able to get up and walk about on the same day.

However, the aftercare sounds a little gross. For two days following the procedure, Bird had to go to the clinic for something called "lymphatic drainage," which is a massage that encourages all the excess lymph to ooze out of the body. Nice. The recovery process then lasts another four weeks, but it'll be over a month and a half before she can show off her new asset at the gym.

Overall, I have to admit the results are pretty amazing. Cosmetic surgery isn't for everyone, but we shouldn't knock people for what they choose to spend their money on. Some people invest in cars and houses, others literally shove it up their butts. But hey, whatever makes you happy.