Woman who used to eat 21 microwave burgers a week shares her incredible weight loss before-and-after pictures

Woman who used to eat 21 microwave burgers a week shares her incredible weight loss before-and-after pictures

"Why don't people just eat less food?" We've all heard someone make that smartass comment. But the truth is, losing weight isn't easy. It's not a simple matter of willpower, where you can just click a switch. It's a massive behavioral change. Mentally, eating junk food is a psychological comfort. Physically, everyone's body has a different metabolism. And financially, nobody's going to donate to your Indiegogo campaign so you can get liposuction, so don't even try it!

Obviously, if you adopt a healthy diet, you'll lose weight. But sometimes the transformations are particularly incredible. It's amazing how much your body will change if you quit drinking beer, or quit eating sugar, or quit eating, say, a ridiculous amount of microwaveable burgers a week.

Meet Alisha-Kate Armstrong. She's 20 years old, ate 21 microwave burgers a week, and ballooned up to a size 22. Her weekly diet was even grosser than President Trump's, and that's saying something. "The amount of food I was shoveling in my mouth was terrible," said Alisha-Kate. "Looking back, I’m surprised I didn’t have a heart attack. It could have killed me."

On a typical day, Alisha-Kate ate nothing for breakfast. For lunch, she gorged on three microwaveable burgers, purchased at supermarkets or gas stations. (Mmmm, gas station burgers!) For dinner, she had "a pizza, kebab and chips." For snacks, she  ate "six bars of chocolate, a big bag of sweets and five slices of white bread with brown sauce." (Mmm, brown sauce!) For drinks, she had three cans of Coke and occasional Redbulls. That equals a daily intake of 5,000 calories.

"Just thinking about it now physically makes me feel sick," said Alisha-Kate. "I was just eating rubbish."

Thankfully, Alisha-Kate reached a turning point. She realized she was so overweight, she ran out of breath just chasing her one-year-old daughter, Tilly, around the house. Feeling ashamed of her body, she decided to make some major changes to her diet - like cutting out all those nasty gas station burgers.

Now she's down to a size 10! And it's all thanks to her new diet: For breakfast, she has homemade muffins. For lunch, chicken salad. For dinner, homemade chips and pizza. For snacks, "fruit, mugshot noodles, and some chocolate." For drinks, diet Coke, and three liters of water. That lowers her daily calorie intake to 2,000.

"I feel so much better now," says the newly svelte young mom. "I’m a completely different person – when friends see me they are so shocked. I’ve gone back to college now and I’ve got so many more friends."

Most importantly, she's able to spend more quality time with Tilly. "My daughter is now going to nursery. I don’t feel restricted anymore. We go to play groups together – I wouldn’t have been able to do that before. It has completely changed my life, it’s been amazing."

Congratulations, Alisha-Kate. And don't go back to eating those microwavable burgers from gas stations! (As, uh, delicious as they sound.)