A girl accidentally came out to her family and had to deal with her homophobic grandma

A girl accidentally came out to her family and had to deal with her homophobic grandma

While there are some people who talk about high school as being the best years of their lives, I found that being a teenager was extremely testing. Not only do you have grades, curfews and social standings to worry about, but your body is going through so many changes, and you're taking the first tentative steps into knowing who you really are.

That self-identification process is pretty useful, not to mention kind of necessary, and that goes double if you're not sure about your gender or your sexuality.

The moment you realise you like girls instead of boys, or when you feel like a woman trapped in a man's body, is a pretty watershed moment, and if you're lucky, you've got a supportive family to help you through these tough and transformative personal times.

There are many ways to come out to your family, from simple and intimate conversations to something a little more dramatic, but I think it would be much easier to handle if the situation was at least somewhat in your control. One girl online made the rounds a couple of years ago, however, after accidentally coming out to her family.

It did not go well at all.

From Tumblr via Imgur, let's revisit the tale of a girl named Katelyn "Lyn" Huff, whose username on Tumblr is probablynotadalek. Two years ago, Lyn let us all in on a text conversation she had with her friend Kai, which inadvertently served as her very own coming out story.

Oh dear. That's something right out of a sitcom; however would Lyn recover from this? Her story quickly went viral, and via Tumblr, she told us what happened next:

"The door was shut before I realized what I had said, and then I ran into the bathroom, where I sent that text while I was hiding in the bathroom, my cousin knocked on the door, 'you can come out now' she said, followed by 'well I guess you already did that, but'... anyway, we took refuge in her room.

"Apparently, after I left the room my grandmother turned to my mom and said something to the extent of 'how could you let your daughter become a queer'. My mother, aunt, and uncle all went off at her for that one, there was quite a bit of yelling.

"After a while, my mother came upstairs and told me that she supported me no matter what, and then we left without talking to my grandmother.  The next morning, she called to apologize for her actions. I have no idea how sincere this apology was because my mother was the one on the phone with her, but I am still invited to Christmas."

Of course, it must hurt to hear such words from her grandmother, but I guess that Lyn's grandma comes from a different generation. Still, it's still really encouraging to hear that her mom, aunt and uncle were there when she needed them to be. And she still gets to go to Christmas dinner!

I'm sure we'll all hear coming out stories that are a lot more graceful than this one, but it's way more important to be accepted for who you are, don't you think?