Mom has hilarious response to her daughter’s gay friend staying the night

Mom has hilarious response to her daughter’s gay friend staying the night

In the past decade or so, we've seen massive progress in the rights for LGBTQ+ citizens in most parts of the Western world. The atrocities in Chechnya and the Trump administration's work to undermine that progress still remains, but on the whole, society has got the idea, and I think we're definitely better for doing so.

With gay, lesbian and transgender people being much more included in our cities and schools, there's a good chance that any parents out there will see their children come out as, or make friends with LGBTQ+ kids. The only problem with this is that the rules we all grew up when we were younger with have changed along with the societal boundaries.

Of course, as parents, you know better than to let a teenage boy stay the night with your teenage daughter. It's a pretty surefire way to ensure that you're a grandparent way too early, right? But what if that teenage boy is gay? That evolving idea of parenting is something that a lot of moms are going to have to contend with, and I hope their response is as outrageous (and hilarious) as this one from a mom in Indiana.

Meet Mason Brain Barclay from Indiana. As you can see, Mason is a bright young man, and he just happens to be gay. He wanted to be included in an all-girls sleepover at his best friend Houston's place, and I think he was well within his rights to do so. He very easily could have gone along and explained himself once he got there, but instead, he decided to do the courteous thing: he texted Houston's mom to ask very nicely if he could be allowed over for the sleepover.

"Hey Mrs Shelton [Houston's mom]! This is Mason Brian Barclay, I am one of Houston’s best friends. If she had people over on Friday would I, a very homosexual male, be able to take part in the sleepover? I think the common meaning behind only allowing the same sex to share sleepovers is due to the typical interest in the opposite sex, when in this case, I do not like the opposite sex. Thank you for your time and consideration, have a great night. Amen."

What a polite young man. Sometimes, these stories can take somewhat of a dark turn, as the parent in question becomes outraged at the thought of a homosexual entering their home, devolving into homophobic abuse and lots of tears. Thankfully, this is not one of those times.

Mrs Shelton is one of the good ones. She's also one of the funny ones; instead of answering in the affirmative and commending Mason for being so darn polite, she instead asked him something way more important.

"Hmmm. Well my husband is hot. Should I worry?"

Nailed it, Mrs Shelton. I don't know Houston very well, but with a best friend and mom like this, I think she's a pretty lucky gal.