20 Straight women that reveal why they wish they were gay

20 Straight women that reveal why they wish they were gay

Like most people at some point, there was a time in my formative years when I seriously considered my sexuality, and came out knowing myself way more than I did before. Dating was a stressful and difficult thing (and kind of still is, to be honest), and sometimes I think life would be a lot easier if I were gay.

Of course, with there still being plenty of progress to be made when it comes to LGBTQ+ rights, it's definitely not as easy as I'm assuming. Still, I'm sure I'm not the only one to have that type of thought, and these confessions from straight women who wish they were anything but kind of backs that idea up.

1. It would make things way easier in that aspect

2. Well, assuming your school has a lot of lesbians...

3. That's true: women can be a lot less intimidating

4. This might not stop the flirting

5. Guys can be pretty gross...

6. Be careful, there can be quite a few disrespectful women too...

7. The struggle is real

8. Sometimes, it would be nice to try something new, wouldn't it?

9. Maybe what this young lady needs is confidence

10. I'm sure there will be some guys in this girl's life soon that will treat her with respect

11. That escalated quickly

12. Happens to all women, eventually

13. Not exactly an unpopular opinion

14. It's true - we are quite gross

15. It's just not the same as a toy, is it?

16. Gay, straight or whatever, what's important is that the person inside feels ready for a relationship

17. There are few better feelings than empathy in a relationship

18. Gee, "men are the worst" has come up a lot here, hasn't it?

19. Some women want their partners to be their best friend... some, the other way around

20. The concept of masculinity has taken a beating in recent years

Whether or not you're settled in your sexuality or potentially looking at yourself in greater scrutiny, I hope these testimonies have done a lot to open your mind up to new possibilities. Whether you're into men or women, the most important thing in my opinion is that you find someone worthy of spending quality time with.