Gay siblings play genius trick to fool their 'conservative' parents

Gay siblings play genius trick to fool their 'conservative' parents

Coming out as gay can be a formidable, intimidating experience, particularly if you are pretty sure your parents aren't going to be happy about the situation. Indeed, those who remember the news of a man who had waited 90 years before coming out of the closet at 95 years old - will know just how delicate an announcement it is to tell those closest to you who you really are.

It is a regrettable truth of our ostensibly progressive society that many members of the LGBTQ+ community still don't feel comfortable in expressing their sexuality, whether due to peer pressure, fear of being bullied at school or concerns that their parents might not be very understanding of their sexual preferences.

Life can also be tough once you have come out as gay, especially if your worst fears are realised and you are living under the roof of parents who disapprove of your lifestyle. Although attitudes towards homosexuality are improving in most societies, it is still not uncommon for the LGBTQ+ community to encounter hostility or a lack of support when it comes to their sexuality.

Clearly, this is a damning indictment of our culture. Archaic attitudes towards homosexuality have no place in a forward thinking community that treats everyone equally, regardless of race, sex and sexuality.

One set of siblings live with one such problem; their "conservative" parents, they feel, might not be entirely on board with their sexuality if they knew the truth, so they have devised something of an ingenious plan to ensure they can still date in line with their sexual preferences. In a post on Imgur that has since gone viral, the brother shared their brilliant rouse which allows them to go about their lives with their respective boyfriend/girlfriend without attracting the suspicion and ire of their conservative parents:

"My sister is a lesbian and I’m gay but our parents are very conservative so she ‘dates’ my bf & I ‘date’ her gf, so if they stay over, they stay in opposite rooms, but jokes on my parents."

Rather like the plot of a splendid play, the inspired solution means that the parents sleep easy believing that the two couples have been kept apart, when, in fact, they have ended up exactly where they wanted to be all along.

It's a brilliant ruse, and particularly amusing when one considers the smirking and giggling at the dinner table. I just hope they have revised facts about each other's partners so that their genius plan can stand up to any potentially tricky questions from the parents.

Of course, such a solution should not be necessary in an open, forward-thinking society that treats all of its members equally regardless of their sexuality. Moreover, if you don't have a sibling, then the solution wouldn't really work for you. However, if you do have a brother or sister, these siblings might well have found the jackpot.