This Maid-of-honor decided to photobomb the wedding photos and it's absolutely hilarious

This Maid-of-honor decided to photobomb the wedding photos and it's absolutely hilarious

I don't care about wedding photos. Once you've seen one, you've seen them all. Guy in a tuxedo, lady in a white dress, standing in some pretty yard, smiling, kissing, cuddling - yawn. I'd much rather look at divorce photos. Is that a thing? Imagine: a couple screaming at each other at the top of their lungs, crying, throwing plates and vases, in a messy living room, while their children eavesdrop from the room next door, terrified, knowing their lives will never be the same. Yeah. Divorce photos. That's more my bag.

However, Rebecca and James Foster of Alberta, Canada took some hilarious wedding photos that even a bitter old cynic like me can enjoy. The secret ingredient was the maid-of-honor, Carolyn Wester. She was the truffle in the pasta, the pumpkin spice in the latte, the creamy bacon, egg and cheese-flavored paste in Bacon, Egg & Cheese Combos.

But you didn't come here to read about America's delicious food, which everyone agrees is the best in the world. You came here to look at funny, adorable photos. So let's get to it.

The antics started when the wedding photographer, Ashley, asked Sharilyn to help with the veil toss pose. And help she did, posing like a football player taking a knee in a huddle. The groom can't believe what he's seeing.

For her next pose, Ashley went for "Pop Star Belting An Epic Ballad." The bride's still oblivious, and the groom's thinking, "This isn't happening. Maybe we can just crop her out."

For this pose, Sharilyn channels her inner Beyoncé, seductively wrapping the translucent tulle around her torso to steal maximum attention from the bride. Meanwhile, the groom whispers, "I think Sharilyn's had too many Daiquiris. Let's call her an Uber."

Actually, there's a reason the bride looks totally unfazed. She's in on it! Rebecca and Sharilyn conceived of the prank a long time ago, knowing it would crack everyone up.

"The groom had no idea what we decided to do, but once we started acting goofy, he played along and was laughing.

We had been outside in the 36 C weather in the sun all day in formal attire for hours, and we figured we could try and perk everyone up and make them laugh."

Meanwhile, the photographer, Ashley, was not in on the joke. Luckily, she didn't laugh too hard she shook the camera, and proceeded with the photoshoot as if nothing was wrong. It's a good thing, because these candid photos capture the two bestie's goofy sense of humor. Ashley knows the silly charades brought out their real personalities.

“They are hilarious. They have each other’s backs — constantly striking poses and goofing off even during the getting ready photos.
 I think they’re the type of friends who will be 75 at an old folks’ home pantsing the orderlies."
Congratulations to the happy couple! I hope Sharilyn's around to spice up the divorce photos.