McDonald’s eyebrows are the latest bizarre beauty trend to hit the internet

McDonald’s eyebrows are the latest bizarre beauty trend to hit the internet

Okay, enough's enough. These ridiculous "brow trends" are starting to get a bit out of hand. I mean, we've had braided brows, feather brows, and spiked dragon brows.

Then there were the squiggle brows:

The ludicrous ponytail brows:

And even... Nike brows:

Why do it?

In a similar vein, people have decided to honour another megabrand by embracing the logo of a certain fast food chain... McDonald's. People have been inspired by the golden arches so far as to recreate them on their foreheads.

Frankly: I'm not lovin' it. But apparently, this really is a huge trend. There are 2,300 pictures on Instagram with the hashtag #mcdonaldsbrows, so it seems there are a lot of people into painting the trademark arches on their faces. The look is achieved by sticking down your real eyebrows with a glue stick, then painting over them with foundation and powder to hide them. Then, you draw three dots – two for the ends and one just below your hairline – to trace a stupidly exaggerated arch for each brow.

While we've had this idiot before, a Norwegian teenager who got a McDonald's receipt tattooed on his arm after being dared to do so by his friends...

... it makes you question if we really need McDonald's markings on our bodies... as a trend? 

It all started with a parody tutorial posted by make-up artist and social media influencer Huda Kattan, who has 22 million followers on Instagram. She's known for her makeup products and for posting tutorials, as well as her striking resemblance to the one Kim Kardashian.

She posted a tutorial for the McDonald's brows on her Instagram, showing exactly how she achieves the look.

Kattan made the tutorial in response to the wave of "brow trends" that have swept the internet, sarcastically saying that she thinks this is the "peak of the brow trend". "I'm hoping this will really be the last one," she said. So it's all just meant as a bit of a joke.

But... people really got into it. Some people took a little more care to fake a bit of hair texture into their arches, others added glitter, and one woman went full "brand guidelines" and coloured her brows in the precise McDonald's yellow.

I've seen it all, folks. In response to the overwhelming welcome to the McDonald's brow, Kattan posted on Instagram again.

"I created the #mcdonaldsbrows as a joke," she wrote, "& I didn't think you guys would keep it trending! All you guys are such good sports!" Kattan then took the opportunity to take the trend further and invited people to make their own memes out of her pictures, the prize being a collection of her beauty products.

So, if anything, at least we got some new memes.

Let's hope this is the last of the brow trends. I just don't think I can take anymore.