Mom saves $300,000 by only buying second hand clothing

Mom saves $300,000 by only buying second hand clothing

Some people will go to desperate measures to save money when they're strapped for cash. And we've all been there. At one point, we may have felt like veritable kings and queens; so financially stable that we were able to reward ourselves (perhaps too generously) with lavish weeknight takeaways and online shopping sprees.

But, with time, this stage of life inevitably comes to an end and we find ourselves leading the student lifestyle once more, and that means living off ramen noodles, delving into our overdraft and even savings...

Others, however, have mastered the knack of saving their hard earned pennies. Such as one mum from Brisbane, who was able to save $300,000 by only buying second hand clothing.

36-year-old Hannah Klose was able to save an eye-watering $300,000 AUD just by scoring deals in second hand stores. For a number of years, the mum-of-one has bought absolutely no new clothing, with the exception of underwear.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Hannah said: "I've saved more than $280,000 in my lifetime just from thrifting. I'll never pay more than $5 for an item of clothing. I would say 99 per cent of my family's wardrobes are thrifted – the only thing I'll buy new is underwear." This venture has allowed her to spend her hard-earned cash on travelling the world with her husband, Dan, and their two-year-old daughter, Josie.

In the last few years, Hannah's lifestyle has allowed her to visit the US, as well as France, Italy and the UK. As she asserts: "I always say to people 'would you rather spend your money on brand-new clothes or be able to travel the globe and have new life experiences?'"

She's also been able to pay off her mortgage and donate money to various charities that are close to her heart, all as a result of her penny-pinching venture. "I know I'd much rather have a better lifestyle and be able to travel and own a house rather than wasting money on expensive outfits," she added.

However, Hannah has not compromised on her fashion sense. Her wardrobe is jam-packed with thrifted designer finds as well as quirky vintage pieces, which she has found in the second-hand stores in Brisbane and across the globe.

The radio journalist said that her obsession with op-shopping was ingrained from an early age. She describes her parents as being "mad thrifty", and disclosed that they, as a family, would often take trips to the tip to rummage for discarded gems which could potentially be something special.

While she used to find the habit embarrassing as a child, she quickly realised how easy it was to transform the pre-loved pieces. "Our dining table cost $1 from the tip but they restored it beautifully and they still have it to this day," she said.

Ultimately, Hannah explained that she loves thrifting so much because it's like a "treasure hunt", adding that the money-saving aspect is just an added bonus. And it's a darn good one, we think.