Nine-year-old records all her notes on Harry Potter, and they're adorable

Nine-year-old records all her notes on Harry Potter, and they're adorable

As somebody born in the nineties, I fall into the category of privileged people who got to read at least some of the Harry Potter books as soon as they came out. I remember lugging Order of the Phoenix to school in my book bag, and feeling a smug sense of satisfaction at how grown up I must have seemed to my peers when I tried to cram it into the little tray provided for our exercise notebooks.

In reality, I probably just looked like a huge nerd. But I didn't mind. My love for magic and owls and good guys vs bad guys was stronger than any shame I had towards having my nose in a book in the schoolyard.

By the time the Deathly Hallows came out, I was pretty much on the cusp of being a bit too old for it - but I bought a copy anyway. I devoured the whole thing in a matter of days, unable to put it down until I found out what would finally become of Lord Voldemort. And of course, when I was done, I shared all my thoughts with my friends.

For young readers of the series these days, however, things are a little different. There's not so much of a hype around the books (despite J.K. Rowling's never-ending attempts to stay relevant on Twitter), and you can't guarantee that your best buddy will be reading along with you.

But this wasn't a problem for nine-year-old Ellie. The keen new Harry Potter-fan was so engrossed in the books that she began making her own personal notes on the Sorcerer's Stone as she read along - and you'll be pleased to know that they are utterly adorable.

'What is undes the three headed animal.' Good question, Ellie.

'Is Snape going to steal the thing that is under the three headed animol'. Ooh, I don't know - but I can't wait to find out.

Teresa Eschmann, Ellie's mom, explained to Buzzfeed about how the notes came about:

'In class, her teacher is trying to get them to wonder and question as they read. Sometimes the teacher has said to write things down,' she said. 'She decided to take this questioning very seriously and had a bundle of little pieces of white paper.'

The pictures first came to light when Eschmann sent them to her sister-in-law, whose friend then posted one of them to Reddit:

Ellie seems to be on to Snape's game in this note, and is correct in asserting that the potions master is, indeed, 'suspishous'.

Most of her notes seem to concern Quidditch, however - especially when it comes to how Harry is going to perform at the magical sport.

Is he going to do well?

Will he be any good at the game?

Does he even know the rules?

All of these are obviously excellent questions - and hopefully Ellie has the answers to all of them now, as her mom says she's finished the first book. According to Teresa,

'[Ellie] was pretty impressed that Dumbledore came and visited Harry in the hospital. She stayed up late to finish the first book. Then she begged me to let her stay up even later and start the second one. I made her wait until the next day. Needless to say, she's hooked.'

Hopefully she continues her note-taking throughout the Chamber of Secrets, because I can't wait to see what she thinks of Moaning Myrtle.