People are already putting their Christmas trees up

People are already putting their Christmas trees up

Christmas might not be for well over two months, but that hasn't stopped people from getting into the holiday spirit already.

Yesterday, we learned that Target was selling a giant blow-up Buddy the Elf, and other recent festive news has included the announcement of a seven-foot rainbow Christmas tree, and, perhaps most of exciting of all, that the PlayStation Five will be available in time for the big day next year (yeah, yeah, it's a whole year, but gaming fans have been waiting a long time).

A Christmas tree. Credit: Pexels

And now, the most festive among us have decided against Halloween decorations this October and opted to put up their Christmas trees instead. Naturally, in our social media-obsessed world, they've been proudly showing them off online.

While this might seem a bit extra, even if you too have a penchant for decking the halls, it turns out these early decorators might be onto something as they're often happier than those who don't.

Christmas decorations on a tree. Credit: Pexels

Psychoanalyst Steve McKeown explained to Unilad that putting up Christmas decorations is a happy experience, which many strongly associate with their childhood.

In short, it's a way of bringing back the magic we all experienced as kids into our adult lives.

But, as is the case with so many things in life, each to their own. If having your home flashing like the North Pole all year round makes you happy, you do you. We're sure that if nothing else, it will get you extra points with You Know Who.