People reveal the 10 most outrageous stories from their office Christmas party

People reveal the 10 most outrageous stories from their office Christmas party

It has come to that time of year. The decorations are up, the familiar tunes are playing throughout the day, and stores are flooded with desperate parents searching for the perfect toy for their children. One thing that has sort of become an additional, more modern tradition of the holiday period is the office Christmas party.

For whatever reason, this is the time of year where not only do we spend some time relaxing and socialising with our co-workers, but tend to drink a fair amount too. Maybe it's a year's worth of stress being released all at once, but these get-togethers are the perfect moment for something ridiculous to happen, which is why people out there have so many great stories to tell. Here are some of the best collected from Reddit:

1. The full monty

"I was a waitress an exclusive restaurant that was rented out for a big cereal brand's top management xmas party. An hour into the party people had stopped ordering shots and were drinking directly from the bottles of straight liquor they had us bring them. After many hours of heavy drinking the MD stood up to give his speech and completely stripped."

"Gross 50 year old and sagging totally naked. He then climbed onto a table, using my shoulder to steady himself as he got up, and rambled for 5 minutes before running out in the parking lot. When I went into work to set up for lunch the next day I found him still naked asleep under the restaurant."

"TL;DR I saw an old man's penis and now I fear old age" - thewoodstonight

2. Bad memories

"Two days before my first work Christmas party a memo came out saying if you were arrested the company would not bail you out of jail."

"A year before, several people were arrested for doing coke outside the christmas party. The CEO had to bail them all out of jail." - greenstew

3. Beer goggles on

"My boss made out with a mop. It's always the quiet, serious ones." - batarians

4. The wrong brownies

"A place that I worked at about 8 years ago had a huge party. One of the managers brought brownies and the director of operations (let's call him Jack) was the first to try them as we were setting up the food table. About half an hour later, as we were finishing up, Jack starts giggling and talking about how tall he feels."

"The guy that brought the brownies grabbed the wrong plate as he left the house and accidentally brought pot brownies. Needless to say, me gathered as many of the stoners as we could to clear that plate before anyone else got to them and tried to keep Jack away from other management." - traumaqueen1128

5. Caught in the act

"At my first job out of university, I replaced a gal who had moved on to a new role. However, she was still friends with a number of current employees and was invited to the Holiday party as a guest. I went to the coat room to grab something from my jacket and found her on her knees giving one of the bar tenders a blow job."

"In my drunken state I left and then informed several people, that they NEEDED TO GET THEIR COATS NOW!!!!!! They were literally caught in the act by the CEO and VP Sales...." - canadian_maplesyrup

 6. So many questions...

"The head of our legal department ice skated shirtless. Can't remember why..." -hface84

7. When the joke goes too far

"We bought our boss Sexy Santa lingerie as a gag gift. She tried it on in front of us and proceeded to do a strip tease dance all the while screaming out how her husband was going to love this. She's 54."

"I worked at a call centre. I am a female, was 16 years old at the time; so the answer was/still is , no I did not particularly enjoy it." - searchingtheblue

8. That's one way to get a replacement

"Coworker threw his desk chair out of a 4 story window after having a few too many." - WillConway2016

9. Strong office spirit

"All 30 of us ended up on top of a mountain at sunrise, naked and drunk. We then went for breakfast and back to work." - jodics


Now that you've seen what can go down at these annual festive affairs, your drunken Christmas party with the work lot probably seems incredibly tame. Although it's probably a good thing to end a night without any embarrassing incidents or destroyed property, right?