Pus-filled nail art is the grossest Halloween trend of all time

Pus-filled nail art is the grossest Halloween trend of all time

Achieving the perfect Halloween look can be a difficult task. You've got to consider the outfit, the accessories and - of course - the makeup.

Depending on how committed you are to your alternative Halloween persona, there are various ways to approach this stage of the costume ensemble. If you're going for a simple, low-key look (think sheet ghost), then you probably don't need any makeup at all. But if you want to pull off a convincing vampire or zombie get-up, prepare to invest in some face paints and SFX makeup.

However, if you're planning on going even further: first of all, huge respect to you for giving Halloween the true level of dedication that it deserves, and, secondly, check this out.

This gruesome looking image isn't the result of some horrific resurgence of the bubonic plague - though you'd be forgiven for thinking so - but rather one YouTuber's amazing nail art skills.

Natasha Lee, a nail artist who has decorated her fingertips with everything from Disney characters to fidget spinners, embarked on a mission to create the most disgusting Halloween nails possible - and boy, did she succeed.

Inspired by Dr. Pimple Popper, Lee came up with poppable nail zits. Believe it or not, they're actually fairly easy to do yourself. In the video description, Lee explains that all the materials she uses are fairly basic nail products:

"As realistic these spot sfx nails look, I can promise you that it's just another nail art tutorial using all nail products including nail polish and banana hand cream! Let me know how you feel about these exploding pimple nails for halloween, and they your cup of tea, or absolutely disgusting? Or you a fan of squeezing a good spot??"

The process is pretty simple. First of all, paint your nails with a nude shade to give yourself an even base coat. Then, apply a thick blob or two of hand cream on top of the nail, before covering it over with some strengthening gel. Once you've done that, cure it under a UV lamp, then give it another gel layer and one more coat of the nude color.

Now comes the slightly more artsy bit. Grab yourself some bruise-like shades - reds, purples and browns - and apply them around the lump you've made with the hand cream. To finish it off, plop a bit of yellow on top of the mound, then seal with one last top coat.

If you've done all that properly, you should be able to squeeze the 'pus' out of your nail, just like this:

Is it disgusting? Yes. Does it leave you feeling like you could potentially be sick at any moment? Definitely. But is it one of the best Halloween makeup jobs of all time? Almost certainly.

Whether you enjoy popping pimples or not, these nails would certainly go down a treat (or trick) at any costume party. You can check out the whole video and follow the tutorial here:

Have a poppin' Halloween!