8 Signs that you are already with the man you should marry

8 Signs that you are already with the man you should marry

"You guys are sooo going to get married," your friends always tell you. And sure, maybe you've entertained the idea yourself, but how do you actually know if the guy you're with now is marriage material?

You want someone who cherishes and loves you for everything you are, but also respects that you've each got your own lives. He should indulge your guilty pleasures, but also have the guts to bring up a difficult topic you might fight about – but he'll fight fair. While every relationship is different, here are some other tell-tale signs that indicate that this could be the man for you forever.

1. You feel completely comfortable around each other

No topic is off limits, and you aren't afraid to cry in front of him. You and all your gross, frustrating or plain stupid habits and tendencies are all known to him and – while he may not necessarily like them – he accepts you for all your quirks and flaws, and he doesn't try to change you.

2. You're constantly surprised that a guy like him exists

Because he is just so right for you in whatever way that means, and he's incomparable to anyone else you've ever known or dated. You'll feel like you had no idea what you were missing before you two got together.

3. You survived a long distance relationship

It's tough, and when you say "I miss you", you really, really do. When they're back you'll feel like everything is back in place as it should be.

4. He randomly tells you how bangin' you look

You know, even on days where you've just crawled out of bed and you're standing there in your grandma socks and PJs smearing butter on your toast. No matter if you've dolled yourself up or you're heading to the gym with your hair slicked back – he thinks you're as cute as ever. And it's not just physically that he makes you feel totally cherished.

5. You don't get on each other's nerves when you travel

No bickering in the car, or screaming at each other when you realise you forgot to pack the phone charger. By the end of your trip, you shouldn't be sitting on the plane quietly fuming and glaring across the plan, but ready to plan the next trip.

6. He makes sacrifices for you

I'm not just talking about the fact that he'll give in to watching a rom-com with you once in a while – but like, big, serious sacrifices like moving cities for your amazing new grad program or something. Sure, his job and his mates are important to him, but somehow, you're his number one now.

7. He's close with your family and friends

You've spent a couple of Christmases at each others' houses, he texts your brother on the regular and he'd feel totally comfortable calling your mother if he needed to check something like what size shoes you are. He likes hanging out with your friends but also leaves you guys to do your own thing.

8. You're not afraid to talk about the future

Making plans in 6 or even 12 months isn't terrifying or something you're not scared about because you've got that much confidence in your relationship. You share a similar vision for the future too, and something amuse each other talking about the future and how you'll have 10 kids, 20 puppies and an Olympic sized swimming pool with a 30-meter slide at your house.

Does your man tick the things on this list? If not, never fear. Sometimes when you know, you know. You know?