10 surprising facts about sex that everyone needs to know

10 surprising facts about sex that everyone needs to know

Sex is a topic us humans are pretty obsessed with. It makes it into our conversations on a regular basis, it's in our movies and TV shows, and there's no way any game of truth-or-dare doesn't become at least-half focused on it. But how much do we actually know about getting down and dirty?

Most of us had access to sex education at school, but even then there are plenty of important facts they leave out - either because it's complicated or because they're more intent on preventing pregnancy and STDs than giving information about the act itself. So as you can imagine, there are a lot of important facts about doing the deed that you likely don't know. So check out the following list and get informed on all things sex.

1. It can prevent illness

Great news for anyone getting it on the regular - orgasms and arousal can give your immune system a major boost to get over illness. Studies have shown that both can increase the number of white blood cells your body produces, keeping you healthier than before - though it's probably best to have some medicine on hand too.

2. And it reduces stress too

A study found that sex, specifically penile-vaginal intercourse, calms your nerves, reduces stress and lowers your blood pressure.

3. Going to the gym improves your sex

Blod flow to your genitals is much higher after a workout, meaning your sexual function is given an incredible boost too. On top of that, men's testosterone levels greatly increase too, making it an excellent time for a bout of passion.

4. Men fake orgasms too

If you thought it was only women who occasionally exaggerated the performance of their partner, you'll be surprised to find out that nearly a third of all men do it. According to a survey ran by Time Out New York, 30.6 percent of men have faked it in the past. If you don't believe that, know that a similar study in Australia found that 23 percent of guys admitted the same thing.

5. Condoms don't reduce pleasure

This "common knowledge" turns out to be more of a myth. A 2013 study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine has shown that both men and women enjoy sex just as much with a condom as without.

6. Flings often end in marriage

Despite the fact we associate marriage more with emotion-driven dates rather than quick hook-ups, it turns out that one third of marriages start off with a one-night stand.

7. You feel less pain during sex

Why do you think the likes of spanking and hair-pulling make their way into the bedroom? Well, it turns out that your pain threshold increases significantly when you're aroused.

8. Sex can give women more regular cycles

Research conducted by Stanford and Columbia Universities discovered that women who had sex at least once a week reported having less period trouble, with more regular cycles than those getting it on less frequently.

9. Certain sleeping positions can give you sex dreams

A study published in Dreaming revealed that those who slept face down on their stomach with their arms above their head had sexual dreams far more often.

10. Wearing socks to bed can help you achieve orgasm

Apparently socks can solve an obstacle that some women face on their journey to orgasm. One Dutch study discovered that many of their female participants were distracted by having cold feet. After they were given socks, the amount that reached climax rose from 50 to 80 percent.

So there you go, there's bound to be a few in there that took you by surprise. Now all there is to do is head to the gym, grab your SO, pop some socks on, and have the night of your life.