These 10 little tips will reinvigorate your love life

These 10 little tips will reinvigorate your love life

At some point in your relationship, it is likely that sex will hit a bit of a lull. It's just part and parcel of being in a long term relationship, and once the fun goes from the sack, it can be difficult to find a way back into enjoying sex. However, getting down and dirty is an integral part of any relationship and if you are going through a tough period, there are plenty of ways to find your way back to enjoying the deed.

While some of the following require a little effort, they don't require too much thinking out of the box or weird fetishes. The tips below are simply little changes you can make to your sex life and are worth it for the amount of enjoyment they will restore to your life. So sit back, relax, and prepare to become a sex machine.

1. Communication is key

It's a bit of advice that applies to all aspects of a relationship and it rings true when talking about how to improve your sex life. Talk to each other about what you like and what you would like to try - who knows, it could potentially lead to your discovering a new favourite position or activity.

2. Think about the past

This tip applies to those of you who have been with your partner for a significant amount of time. After a while, it can be easy to lose the "oomph" in the relationship that existed at the start. However, if the relationship was fiery at the start and is more of a damp squib now, try and think about what it was that made the relationship work in the beginning and bring it back. If it worked then, it can more than likely work now.

3. Bring back romance

It's pretty common that you settle into a comfort zone as your relationship begins to age, but why should that stop the romance? Talk about your ideas of romance with your partner and see what you can do. Things such as buying flowers, dancing to your favourite song or cooking them their favourite meal can go a long way.

4. Get creative

If you do the same thing everyday, it will quickly get boring. Imagine eating only one food everyday for the rest of your life: it would be rubbish. So why treat your relationship in the same way? Go and do something different like going to a sex shop together, buy some toys or get a couples massage. Variety is the spice of life.

5. Relax together

Stress is an absolute killer of a healthy sex life. If you and your partner have such busy schedules that you find can't find the time to have a rendezvous in the bed, then it's time to change your schedule. Try and make time to unwind together evening. Doing things like taking a bath together, putting on some music and giving each other a massage will relax you and bring you closer together.

6. It's not all about the climax

If you're a natural worrier, it can be hard to not overthink sex. However, the more you panic and worry about it, the less fun you are likely to have. Women tend to have a tougher time orgasming than men and for many men they see sex without an orgasm as a failed endeavour. However, sex isn't all about the end results, it's about pleasuring each other. So stop thinking about the end goal and just enjoy making your partner feel good.

7. Surprise them

Using the element of surprise in your sex life can help re-invigorate the fire that has gone out. Dressing up in something saucy before your partner gets home, or surprising them with a naughty gift can keep things spicy and interesting.

8. Bring in emotions

Being spoken to in a romantic and compassionate way can be a turn on for both sexes. Be sure to compliment your partner throughout the day, not only is it nice, but it will help with their confidence and make them feel desired - something which often comes out when you jump in bed together.

9. Don't be afraid to learn

While we all would like to claim that we are gurus when it comes down to getting frisky, the reality is that we're not. Be sure to read about new experiences, positions and techniques that you can use in the bed. As said earlier, variety is the spice of life and teaching yourself to be more open and receptive to new ideas in sex is always going to be a positive thing.

10. Look after yourself 

As we all know, sex basically involves two bodies rubbing against each other, and at the end of the day: it is a physical act. A healthy body is much likely better to perform in bed than an unhealthy one. So get down to the gym, get on the treadmill and increase your stamina!

So there you go, 10 minor things you can do in order to improve your sex life. Sex is a key component of any relationship, so why scrimp on it when you can enjoy it?