10 New Year's resolutions for couples who want to achieve relationship goals in 2018

10 New Year's resolutions for couples who want to achieve relationship goals in 2018

With not even a couple of weeks left of 2017, the time to kiss this sorry year goodbye is getting closer and closer. But, while we're celebrating the end of one dreadful year, we're simultaneously welcoming in another (hopefully less rubbish) one.

Seeing as it's so close to the end of December now, many people probably already have a good idea about what their New Year's resolution(s) might be. However, if you're still umming and erring over what sort of things you want to achieve over the next 12 months, here's a number of things you may want to try out with your other half...

1. Learn to cook

In most relationships, there's normally one person who is a better cook than the other (or worse, both people suck when it comes to creating culinary wonders). If that's the case in your relationship, you and your other half should make the effort to cook some new meals between you. You could prepare food for one another, or have fun learning new recipes together a couple of times a week. It's a good skill to have, but also an easy way of treating that special someone.

2. Get fit together

One of the hardest things about getting fit and healthy is finding the motivation to stick to a routine. However, if you double up with a partner, you can work together to encourage one another. Just having someone to come to the gym with you or share half of your protein shake can be a great help.

3. Commit to date night

If you're in a long-term relationship, spending quality time together outside of your normal routine can be difficult. Going to work, spending time with friends, and just dealing with the general comings and goings of life take up a lot of time, but dates should be just as important as all that. Set some time aside each week to see a movie or go out for a meal. Just a little extra time together can make all the difference.

4. Teach one another a skill

If you have a particular talent that your partner isn't that familiar with, why not take the opportunity to teach them. Perhaps you speak a foreign language, or have a knack for drawing, or are just really good at Scrabble. Whatever it is, take some time to share it with your partner, and, in turn, they might be able to give you a few tips on how to improve your soccer game, or even show you how to hit those high notes when you're singing.

5. Kick a bad habit

Even if you don't drink or smoke, you probably still have a bad habit. Maybe you sleep in too long on the weekends, or put an excessive amount of sugar in your tea. Whatever it is, getting out of it on your own will be tricky - so why not enlist the help of your partner? Cut a deal with them: if they somehow manage to stop you from spending all your time on Facebook, maybe you'll look into encouraging them to eat more vegetables.

6. Pick up a new hobby

Getting fit together is one thing, but, if you're already fairly active people, you might want to pick up another hobby. Maybe you could learn to ice skate, or get crazy good at paintballing. These things are fun on your own, but having someone else to go along with makes them even better.

7. Meet new people

Perhaps the only downside of spending a lot of time together as a couple is that you begin to neglect everyone else around you. Make the effort to spend more time with your friends and family, but also get out there and meet some new people, too. Hey - you might even find someone at one while practicing your new hobby.

8. Encourage one another to learn

No matter how smart you are, there's always room for a little more knowledge in that big squishy brain. Of course, there are loads of people out there who don't really prioritize learning new things as part of a routine - and that's totally cool. However, just doing a daily brain training app or playing sodoku or taking the time to read a good book every now and then can furnish you with skills that you never knew would come in handy.

9. Volunteer together

This is a good resolution to take up no matter what your relationship status is. If you can spare just a little bit of time (or money) every now and then to help out a good cause, do it! Charities and voluntary services will never be ungrateful for your assistance, and, as an extra bonus, you'll probably feel a bit better about yourself, too.

10. Agree to work on your relationship

So you might be thinking, "But my relationship doesn't need working on!" And I hate to tell you this, but you're probably wrong. There's no such thing as a perfect relationship. You probably dislike some of your partner's habits, and they might secretly think one or two negative things about you, too - but that's ok. As long as you guys agree to discuss any issues you have with one another, you avoid running into bigger problems in the future.

So why not give at least one of these a go? Even if you don't stick to it as well as you should, having something to work on with a partner will help you achieve the ultimate couple goals.