10 People reveal the worst advice they ever received

10 People reveal the worst advice they ever received

We all need help sometimes, and when you get great advice, it can change your life. "Have the courage to live a life true to yourself, not the life others expect of you." "Remember you’ll always regret what you didn’t do rather than what you did." "Don't go swimming in shark-infested waters, with raw hamburger meat in your pockets." The last one really helped me out.

However, sometimes you get advice that's not just bad - it's hilariously awful. But you know what? You can learn something from terrible advice, too. In a Reddit thread that recently went viral, thousands of people shared the worst advice they ever received. Here are the ten best responses.

1. I mean that's just science

"When I was in high school I had a friend who was not the smartest. I remember him telling me if I didn’t want to get a woman pregnant, then she should be on top so the sperm can’t flow up. He became a father his sophomore year."

2. I mean that's just religion

"You know, son, there really is no such thing as cheating if you aren't married. The Bible doesn't recognize any relationship that isn't bound in the covenant of the Lord. So until you are married, relationships don't really exist."

"Thanks Dad, you just indirectly explained why you're on your third marriage."

3. Nope, never heard of it

"My careers advisor in high school. When I said "I think I want to do something with computers" she said "have you heard of Microsoft?" Then she wrote Microsoft on a piece of paper and slid it across the table and that was my careers interview over."

4. Not super helpful

"I called Kids Help Phone when I was a teen to ask for advice on how to help my depressed friend. They advised I find new friends. I wish I was making this up."

5. A medical marvel

"Mentioned in passing that my boyfriend suffered from a terrible charlie horse in the middle of the night. My bizarre, space cadet of a co-worker heard this and immediately interjected, frantically explaining that I needed to get him to a hospital because this was a surefire symptom of pregnancy. She also recommended that I call the news because my boyfriend is well... a man. I guess she thought history was about to go down.

Spoiler alert: he wasn't pregnant."

6. Thanks, mom.

When I was little I told my mom I was sad because some kids were bullying me. She said I should tell them that when they bullied me it hurt me inside, and they would stop. I did what she said. This was bad advice. They did not stop.

7. Thanks, sis.

"'Don't go through chemotherapy, eat this nut and berry mix instead!'- my younger sister, when she visited me in the hospital."

8. Get high, kid.

"When I was about 5-6 years old I was given a Superman cape for my birthday, I was told that it could make me fly, after a few days of not being able to fly, I began asking people how to make it work, they advised that I needed to find somewhere high up to jump off of, so I started jumping off fences, trees, then I was told I needed to jump something taller..."

9. Mmm, sugar water

"When my daughter was an infant, my wife couldn't breastfeed and my daughter couldn't digest formula very well, so I had to buy a special predigested formula for like $25/can.

I was at the cashier paying for the formula. The guy in front of me was gathering his things. He said to me, he says, 'When my kids were babies, I wish I knew what I know now.'

I was like, 'What's that? What do you know?'

He says, 'Babies don't need formula. All they need is sugar water. All the rest is a scam.'

I was like, 'I'm so glad you didn't know that back then.'"

10. Just seven more!

"Don't quit your job at Wal-Mart! You've been here for three years! Just seven more and you'll be fully vested in the company!"

(It's probably a good thing this person quit.)

"One thing I just remembered about that job. We had a manager who, since the time I started working there, couldn't speak above a whisper no matter how hard she tried. It had been like this for years. Two years after I was hired, she finally found a doctor who figured out the problem. Apparently, if you're stressed out every single day for years on end, it can cause a psychogenic voice disorder. He ordered her to take 3 months off work. When she came back, she could speak normally."

Hopefully you learned something from this bad advice. And you do not work at Wal-Mart.

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