10 Reasons that sarcastic women make the best girlfriends

10 Reasons that sarcastic women make the best girlfriends

Having a sense of humour can be a tricky thing sometimes; while you may think that you're absolutely hilarious, others can completely misinterpret that side-splitting knock-knock joke, or take offence your innocuous banter.

But regardless of how you feel about the slapstick comedians in your life, one thing is for sure: sarcastic women are great. In fact, they're absolutely the best kind of woman to get involved with, and here's why...

1. They're so much fun to be around 

Chances are that your sarcastic girlfriend is always messing with you. She's playful, she's fun and she really knows how to make sure that you both have a great time.

2. Yes she's laughing at you, but it's because she likes you 

Sarcastic girls are incredibly easy to read, if they like you, they'll almost definitely tease you and poke fun at you. Just go with it.

3. And when she's really mean, you know she loves you 

Look, when a sarcastic girl is mean to you, that's when you know that she trusts you enough to be completely herself around you...

4. She'll be able to understand your all your weird quirks 

Only a sarcastic girl will be able to understand all the strange things that make you you. 

5. She'll always bring up the times that you embarrassed yourself 

If you love to be reminded about every mishap you've ever made, get yourself a sarcastic girlfriend. It's all said in jest, promise.

6. "I hate you" always means "I love you" 

Sure, if you want PDA and all the affection, a sarcastic girl is not for you. But if you want someone who genuinely cares for you, without smothering you with affection - this is the girl to go for.

7. She doesn't mind when you make fun of her too 

Actually she kind of loves it...

8. She's actually really sensitive

Underneath the hard exterior is a girl who truly feels things, but sometimes she feels vulnerable expressing her emotions in a sincere way. Give her time and she'll start opening up more...

9. And it's really worth getting to know the real her 

Whilst it may take a while to get beneath all the sarcasm and eye-rolls, what you find there will be more than worth it.

10. She puts you in your place 

A sarcastic girl will never be afraid to whack you down a few notches when your ego gets a bit too inflated, in fact, she'll never hold back from telling you the truth about anything.

Well there you have it, while we can appreciate all different kinds of humour, in a girlfriend, the sarcastic variety is undoubtedly the best. You just can't compete with that level of banter, can you?

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