10 Red flags that everyone should look out for on a first date

10 Red flags that everyone should look out for on a first date

The Millennial generation has seen the rise of a completely new form of dating, one that is conducted largely through our many screens. Yes, we log into platforms such as Tinder and Bumble and accept or reject potentials on the basis of their Facebook profiles and a short bio. And it goes without saying, but this is a completely different landscape to the dinner-and-a-movie type affair that our parents enjoyed.

And boy are there some downsides - in the world of online dating, it appears that every bad quality a love interest could have is exemplified. But irrespective if you've met someone through a dating app or via a mutual friend, you still have to have the dreaded first date. It truly is something that either goes exponentially well, or abhorrently. And these are the 10 red flags that you should look out for when on one... Because in this day and age no one wants to waste any precious time looking for their soulmate, right?

1. They keep looking at their phone 

This one's pretty self explanatory, if someone can find the time to check their emails or return texts when they're supposed to be learning all about you, they're clearly not going to respect you, or your time later down the line.

2. They make crude jokes 

Anyone who strives to make you uncomfortable, or makes any joke which could be misconstrued as racist, sexist or prejudiced in any way, is not someone you want to meet for a second date.

3. They continually bring up your appearance 

It's just plain rude, and it's evident that they're trying to mould you into something you're not.

4. It's all about me, myself and I 

A date should be a mutual give-and-take, where both parties share and learn things about each other. If your date just yaps on about themselves the whole night, it's clear that they're not super interested in you. 

 5. They're blatantly not interested 

Do they seem distracted the whole time? Are they half-heartedly following up conversation cues? If so, you better get out of there, quick.

6. They trash talk their exes 

Anyone who has the time or energy to talk badly about their exes to a veritable stranger clearly still has unresolved issues.

7. Or they talk about their exes too much 

The same applies here...

8. They're rude to the staff 

This may be the biggest red flag ever. I mean, you don't want to be associated with someone who's impolite to someone who's just trying to do their job, do you?

9. They complain, about everything

If they're complaining on a first date, where you're supposed to be on top form, then can you imagine how much they're going to moan when you get to know them better? No one has time for that much negativity.

10. They don't prioritise you early on 

The thing is, no one is really too busy to hang out with the people they like. So if you're finding it incredibly difficult to nail down the guy or gal you're seeing, chances are your feelings are unrequited. In other words, you deserve to be a priority, not an afterthought.

Now it's time to really look out for those ten red flags and spare yourself a second date with someone, who, lets face it, isn't worth your time.

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