These are the 10 signs that your co-workers secretly hate you

These are the 10 signs that your co-workers secretly hate you

If you ever stop to think about the sort of relationship you have with your co-workers, it's a little bit weird. You spend most of your time with these people - making small talk, eating meals, spreading gossip - and yet, you probably don't know them as well as the friend you only see a couple of times a month.

For this reason, it's often difficult to tell how a work colleague actually feels about you. They might consider you a genuine friend, or maybe just a desk-mate, or, if you've managed to really tick them off somehow, they could even think of you as an enemy.

But how can you tell? Well, here's 10 signs that your work chums might not actually be your friends at all...

1. They can't make eye-contact

In a friendly relationship, people should be comfortable looking each other in the eye. However, if a colleague is unable to sustain eye-contact, it could be an indication that they don't respect you, or worse, they can't stand looking at you.

2. They don't smile

Everybody has a bad day now and then, but if somebody never smiles around you, it could be because they're making a conscious effort not to do so.

3. They take credit for your work

If your job requires you to work in a team, that can throw up some problems when rocky co-worker relationships are involved. Stealing the credit for someone else's work is not only a petty move - it's also a sign of dislike.

4. They avoid you

While some people are just terrible at finding the time to chat to you at work, others will deliberately go out of their way to avoid you. It's probably for the best, though - you don't want to waste your time on people who don't value it.

5. They spread gossip

Enjoying a little bit of water-cooler chat is fine, so long as it doesn't hurt anybody. However, if you find yourself being the subject of gossip a little too often, the chances are that you have an enemy in the office.

6. They treat you as an inferior

Obviously, there is a hierarchy in work roles that must be respected, and if someone is your boss, you should respect that. However, if someone on the same level as you is telling you what to do and acting as your superior, it's unlikely that they're your biggest fan.

7. They exclude you from social events

Whether it's popping out of the office for a spot of lunch, or heading out to the bar after hours for a quick drink, it's sometimes nice to relax with colleagues in a friendly setting. Getting left out, however, is never fun - and those who exclude you should be avoided.

8. They have defensive body language

Chatting with someone at work should be easy and open, so if a co-worker has closed body language (arms crossed, head down, rigid posture), they either don't know how to stand properly, or they don't like you.

9. They show no interest in your personal life

While a work environment should be primarily used for discussing business-related issues, it's also a space that should be used to encourage co-workers to bond and get along. Of course, this is difficult to do with someone who literally couldn't care less about your life.

10. They make you feel like you're back at school

Remember those cliques at high school? The ones you were never allowed to be a part of? They really shouldn't be happening at work and, if they are, it might be because someone doesn't like you.

If you do find yourself at the receiving end of these treatments, don't put up with it. You've probably got enough to deal with at work - you don't need those kinds of people making it even harder.