10 Signs your partner is cheating on you, and what to do about it

10 Signs your partner is cheating on you, and what to do about it

Oh to be young, and to feel love's keen sting.

Those slings and arrows of outrageous fortune that can at once delight and devastate the romantically inclined. At it's best, love lifts us up where we belong, mollifies us and thrills us, at it's best, all you need is love.

At its worst, though, love can be a devastating emotion, capable of engendering jealousy, sadness and destitution. Though it mightn't be pleasant to consider, cheating is an aspect of relationships that needs examining. While no one should obsess over the notion that their partner could be unfaithful, it is worth knowing some common warning signs in case the worst is happening.

1. They're always on their phone 

Of course, this could just be a force of habit, but taking one's phone everywhere is a sign that something less than honourable might be happening over the airwaves.

2. They aren't as interested in sex anymore 

I suppose it's logical that, if your partner is having sex elsewhere, they might eventually lose interest in having sex with you. Brutal. This could also be a symptom of other problems that you might get to the bottom of by talking.

3. They get suspicious that you are cheating 

It is an oft repeated mantra that guilty people often suspect their partner of being similarly duplicitous. Perhaps this is because they are getting away with it and fear that you might be, too.

4. They're always working late 

Let's be real; unless you're the CEO of an enormous company, no one has to stay late at the office to catch up on work every night. They might be doing something a little less productive... to your relationship.

5. Changes in habit 

Couples get into certain routines together over time; watching television, going for a walk, whatever it may be. If you partner suddenly starts changing that routine, it could be a sign that something untoward is going on elsewhere.

6. They keep pointing out other people you might find attractive 

Now that your partner is being unfaithful, they might attempt to alleviate some of their own guilt by making you complicit in agreeing that other people are attractive.

7. A less than emphatic reaction to revelations of other people's affairs 

What you might consider scandalous treachery, they merely shrug off or reason away, and no wonder, seeing as they are doing the exact same thing. Of course, they might just not be that bothered.

8. No more scandalous movies

Now that they are engaging in brief encounters of an illicit nature themselves, suddenly they aren't so interested in watching movies along a similar vein anymore. Fear of being found out, perhaps.

9. A sudden change in appearance 

A new wardrobe of daring new outfits, a fresh haircut, a sudden interest in chest waxing. All of these ostensibly innocent changes could be the sign of something more sinister. It could also merely be a change in attitude.

10. Being showered with gifts

While a kind gesture, this could be guilt manifesting itself. On the other hand, it might just be a thoughtful partner showing their love for you. 

So you think your partner might be cheating on you. Clearly, this can be a rather devastating notion, but before you fly off the handle, there are several things to consider.

Firstly, none of these potential signs means that your partner is definitely cheating on you, and becoming obsessed with the behaviour of your partner is a wholly unhealthy - and rather pointless - pursuit. If the trust is gone in your relationship, then frankly you might consider why you are still in it in the first place, rather than preoccupying yourself with the thought that your significant other might be unfaithful.

If you have genuine reason to believe that your partner is cheating on you, then you need to discuss the matter openly and frankly. More importantly, you need to remember that the person doing the cheating is the problem, not you.

Personally, I'm not sure there is any easy way to repair the breach of trust that cheating represents, but that is a decision you must make for yourself. Regardless of what you choose to do, remember that you only get one life, and remaining in an unhappy relationship that makes you miserable is a poor way to spend it.