10 Signs your partner is going to cheat on you before they even do it

10 Signs your partner is going to cheat on you before they even do it

It's an unfortunate truth that the majority of us have probably been cheated on at some point during our adult lives. It's something that happens at an alarming rate and if you have been on the receiving end of infidelity, you will know that it's pretty crushing. While there's nothing you can necessarily do about it, there are some signs that you can watch out for.

So, if you get the feeling that your partner may be straying, or you simply want to know how to be vigilant, take a look at the below.

1. They're talking a lot about someone new

Think about when you first start crushing on someone: they occupy your mind and you can't help but talk about them all the time. During the infatuation period, your partner will talk about this new person constantly, but you should also remember that it could be just a harmless crush. However, if they abruptly stop talking about the person in question, it could be due to an affair or because the friendship has fallen apart.

2. Their attitude has changed drastically

If your partner has had a sudden shift in attitude, it could mean that something suspicious is going on. If they're more affectionate than before, it might be that they're feeling guilty about something, and if they're being less loving, it could be that they're withdrawing from the relationship.

3. They've become lazy 

It's hardly surprising, but it turns out that the person who is putting the most amount of work into the relationship, is the person who is less likely to have an affair. If you feel like you're doing all of the work and that your partner just isn't interested, it may be that they've head their head turned by someone else.

4. Trust your instincts

If you think something is up with your significant other, it's likely that there is something is going on with them. Even if they aren't having a full-fledged affair and they're just having a bit of a wobble, it's always best to ask them if anything is bothering them. Trust your instincts and act upon them.

5. They have changed their routine

If you've noticed a sudden change in your partner's routine, it could spell bad news for the relationship. Maybe they're suddenly working much later, or they're going out for a run at a different time. If it's bothering you, bring it up in a way that doesn't seem too much like an interrogation and see what they have to say about it.

6. They're altering their appearance

Is your partner suddenly going to the gym more and buying nice clothing? Has this all happened without them talking to you about it? While they're maybe just trying to take a bit more pride in their appearance, it might be that they're trying to impress someone else.

7. They've left a clue

Maybe you've found some random receipts in their pockets from restaurants that you have never been to, or maybe you bump into his mate who they were "out with last night" and they claim that they haven't seen your S/O for a long time. If there are clues being left behind, it's time to start investigating.

8. They smell differently

It's pretty weird to come home from a long day at the office and smell fresh as a daisy. If your partner is coming home smelling bizarrely clean, it may be that they have had an after-sex shower at their new flames' house. Or, if they're smelling like a different cologne/perfume from yours, it could be that they've been rubbing up on someone that they shouldn't be.

9. They're being cagey

Is your partner being a bit funny when other people call them? Are they walking away from you as soon as the phone rings and never leaving their cell phone with you alone? Maybe they're being private about a surprise that they have in store for you. But in all honesty, the likelihood is that they don't want you to hear what they're saying for a different reason.

10. Your friends are suspicious 

If your friends are saying that there's something going on, it's likely that they have some inside info but don't want to reveal where they got it from. Maybe your partner is friends with their partner, or maybe they work in the same office. Whatever it is, if your friends are hinting that something suspicious is going on, listen to them.

While all of these signs could be pointing towards your partner cheating, they're obviously not 100 per cent certain. In all honesty, if you think something fishy is going on, talk to your partner. Obviously don't accuse them off the bat: sit down, have a chat, and see if you can iron things out.