10 Signs you're falling out of love with your significant other

10 Signs you're falling out of love with your significant other

We've all been there; once in the throes of love and now... rather underwhelmed by our choice of partner. Certainly, "love" has a tendency to be rather all-consuming, until you find that you're no longer projecting virtual love-heart-eyes at the object of your affection.

Unfortunately, whether due to the insidious power of Disney movies or an elaborate capitalist plot, we're all hooked on the idea that we need to find true love to enjoy a fulfilling existence. As such, it can be incredibly tough to come to terms with a relationship that appears to have run its course. I mean, there's probably still a fair amount of love there, as well as years of memories and you know, just the overarching comfort of being together.

Ultimately, however, anyone who has ever found themselves hurtling out of love is well aware that at some point, you just need to call it quits. So here are the 10 signs that you should look out for, if you're starting to feel that your relationship just isn't as passionate and exhilarating as it once used to be.

1. You've started finding other people attractive again 

When you're in the honeymoon period, it can take all you have to tear your eyes away from your partner. However, when you find yourself checking out every attractive person on your commute as well as becoming a little bit more flirty on nights out, it's should be evident: you're just not as attracted to your significant other as you once were.

2. You're having less sex 

This one's just plain 'ol science: humans want to have sex with people that they're attracted to. Those that they're not into? Not so much.

3. Your significant other starts to feel more like your best friend 

Yes, we've been told since we were mere tots that our partner should also be our best friend, but, there's also something to be said for becoming a little too close for comfort. When you start doing everything that you and your bestie do with your significant other, minus all the hand-holding, cuddling and love making, your boyfriend or girlfriend may have morphed into just a friend...

4. Their quirks start to annoy you 

Once you found yourself enamoured with their weird habit of ordering dessert before the main course, but now it just flat out irritates you. If you find yourself becoming increasingly annoyed by your significant other's little eccentricities, it's a surefire sign that you're finding them less lovable on the whole.

5. It's difficult being around other couples 

When you're in love, you don't notice all of the gross couples exhibiting PDA on the Tube, because you're one of them. However, if you suddenly find yourself feeling disgusted by all of the lovey-dovey couples you encounter throughout the day, chances are you're jealous because their relationship seems so much better than yours.

6. The conversation just isn't flowing 

Let's face it: when you're enamoured with someone, you never run out of things to converse about. In fact, it's borderline impossible to stop talking, whether that be over dinner, on the phone or on the side of the street. So if you find conversation repeatedly drying up whenever you're talking to your partner, it's a good sign that your time together has run its course.

7. Fights become more commonplace 

Sure, fighting from time-to-time is normal, but when you find yourself arguing constantly, it's a big indicator that things aren't working.

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8. You're not telling them that you love them as much as you used to 

It's simple; if you feel it, you say it - if you unsure, you don't.

9. You're certain that something is missing 

It's hard to put your finger on it, but when you're beginning to fall out of love, you will feel as if something is missing. Whether you're worried that the spark is gone or everything just feels a bit empty all of a sudden, it's a good indicator that you need to reassess your relationship.

10. You can't envision a future with them anymore 

At one point, you probably had whole Pinterest boards dedicated to chronicling your impending nuptials, but now you can't even picture hanging out with them for the next week, let alone 10 years down the line.

Sure, it's incredibly tough to re-assess a relationship which used to be so fulfilling. But, as I am sure you know, there's little point remaining with someone who no longer excites you. And although you're ending your romantic partnership, it doesn't mean that you can't remain friends, and continue to cherish the time that you shared together.