10 Women reveal the things they want guys to do in bed

10 Women reveal the things they want guys to do in bed

For something so natural, sex can sure be complicated. Aside from worrying about unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases, you're also in a position where you have to be concerned about your partner's pleasure, as well as your own. And for those of us who can't exactly claim to exhibit a great deal of sexual prowess, this can be a tough thing to learn.

Not only do you need a partner who is willing to guide you, but you also need someone who is sensitive enough to do so with the appropriate care. I mean, you don't want someone who is going to bark orders at you mid-coitus, do you? So rather than going out there and actually doing the deed to learn what-to-do and what-not-to-do, here are 10 women on what they really want you boys to do in bed.

1. If you weren't aware, it's all about the right foreplay

"Most women need way more than a few seconds of boob mashing as foreplay, if you try to stick your d**k in after almost no foreplay, that will actually be painful for a lot of women."

2. It's hot when guys make noises too 

"Most women find it really sexy when guys moan or otherwise make noise to show they're enjoying themselves, it's kind of weird to be stone silent like male p*rn actors, makes it seems like you're not really that into it."

3. Teasing is the best way to get your girl all hot and heavy 

"I had an ex-boyfriend who used to whisper the dirtiest things into my ear in completely inappropriate places, and when we got home he would take his sweet time undressing and caressing me... God I used to love/hate that so much."

4. It's always good to get some variation in thrusts 

"I personally love when a guy mixes up his thrusts during penetration... [but] start slow, [and] after speeding up a consistent rhythm is key"

5. Try touching her all over

"Take your time in touching her and kissing. Most girls aren't going to complain about being lavished with soft touches and attention for a long time before the sex begins. It usually makes it more intimate too, which is always a bonus."

6. Turn on the sex appeal before you even reach the bedroom 

"Wooing. I know it may sound silly, but there's something nice about having my husband talk me up all day via email while I'm at work, and then coming home and being with him. It's so much nicer than just being jumped and groped with no lead up."

7. Don't forget about eye-contact

"I like eye contact during sex. I think it shows that you're comfortable and into your SO. If you aren't comfortable with eye contact, that doesn't mean there's something wrong with you though! I'd ask yourself if you feel totally comfortable during sex, and if not, go from there."

8. How you act after sex is just as important 

"A lot of the time what happens after sex means more than the actual sex. Try to be a little present and nurturing/affectionate, especially with rough sex."

9. Be considerate of her sensitive areas 

"Sometimes the clit gets too sensitive to stimulate directly, so you should have your girl/woman show you exactly where she prefers to be touched rather than just assume that it'll feel good if you vigorously stroke."

10. Listen to her responses and go from there

"Every girl is different. Tailor whatever advice you get to her needs by listening.. the best advice I can give is just to listen and pay attention."

Well there you have it, the dummy's guide to pleasing your woman in bed. Now, of course this list isn't definitive, but it's a good place to start from. Why not try out some of these tips the next time you decide to go for a romp? You may just come out looking like somewhat of a sex god.

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