12 Sex memes that are more awkward than sex itself

12 Sex memes that are more awkward than sex itself

Ah, sex.

Most of us do it, covet it or else make colossal life decisions informed by it, yet a great many of us also feel more than a little uncomfortable discussing it.

The reasons for this are most likely rooted in deep set taboos established by generations past, and a more socially liberated culture has allowed all of us to indulge in a more smutty and titillating lexicon, a common parlance that brings us all together: the language of love.

Seeing as sex oft consumes our minds and informs our behaviour, wouldn't it be nice to talk frankly about it for once?

Good, because these memes are just about as to-the-point and real as it gets. Buckle up.

1. I feel you, I feel you 

2. This is genius 

3. The nerve

4. Is that in the Karma Sutra? 

5. I mean... Red 

6. Don't ask difficult questions!

7. Always leave a tip. (Sorry).

8. As long as I'm involved 

9. The struggle 

10. It's not you, it's me

11. My favourite 

12. Not exactly what I had in mind 


I think we've all learned something from these memes. We're all obsessed with sex, and some of us have extremely vivid imaginations.