12 Tweets about 'meet cutes' that even unromantic people will love

12 Tweets about 'meet cutes' that even unromantic people will love

It could be argued that every romantic comedy follows the same formula: boy meets girl (or vice versa), trouble ensues, the resolution unfolds and they then live happily ever after. However, most people fail to realise that there is one key moment that sets off this veritable maelstrom of emotion, and that is the "meet cute".

If the phrase isn't self-explanatory enough, the "meet cute" is the precise instant in a movie where the future lovers first encounter each other. And in typical Hollywood fashion, this normally happens in an incredibly unbelievable and quirky way. Now, one Twitter user had been ruminating on the whole concept of a "meet cute", and decided to ask the people of the internet whether "meet cutes" actually happen in real life.

She wrote, "Do meet cutes actually happen in real life? I wonder if theres sb here who bumped into their future wife on the street, spilled coffee over a cute stranger, dated their delivery man".

And Twitter certainly delivered. Have a gander at their answers below:

1. This woman has the best friend ever 

2. Their story should be made into a movie 

3. What are the odds? 

4. 12 whole YEARS 

5. When your grandma plays matchmaker 

6. So lucky! 

7. Does this remind anyone of Dirty Dancing? 

8. Love at first sight 

9. This could have gone so wrong 

10. Sometimes you just know... 

11. I'm not crying, you're crying!

12. I can't believe this actually happens in real life 

Well, for all you cold-hearted people out there, here's your proof: love does exist, and sometimes it happens in the most adorable ways. Now, I don't know about you, but I'm going to spend my entire weekend watching every rom-com out there after reading through those heartwarming tales.