12 Twins reveal the the surprising reasons they hate each other

12 Twins reveal the the surprising reasons they hate each other

As it tends to go with many things in life: you either love something, or you don't. While society continues to wax lyrical about unconditional love and unbreakable family bonds, many of us have spent way too many Christmases and Thanksgivings with our nearest and dearest to conclude that not only are they far from dear, but that we also don't want them near us again anytime soon.

Now, we can't wholly deny that we love our family, especially the immediate circle. But even still, it isn't completely unheard of for people to harbour a dislike to those closest to them. Case in point: these 12 individuals who confess to hating their twins.

1. A bit harsh 

2. This is not how you should treat your sibling 

3. This person's twin sounds abusive 

4. Each to their own...

5. Sometimes sharing isn't caring 

6. Oh dear 

7. This must be so tough 

8. Fair enough 

9. There's nothing worse than an immature boy 

10. Or a copycat 

11. Oh wow 

12. Ouch. 

While you and I may have perfectly functional, and even positive relationships with our siblings, it's clear that these 12 people certainly drew the short straw when it came to winning the genetic lottery. Once again, it pays to be an only child.

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