12 Women reveal the real reasons they upgraded their engagement ring

12 Women reveal the real reasons they upgraded their engagement ring

While engagement rings are supposed to be symbolic of the unbreakable bond that you and your partner share, this sentiment has become somewhat clouded in the culture of materialism and excess that we live in today. The bigger the rock, the bigger the testament to your beloved, or so popular culture would have us believe.

Certainly, good old sentimentality and financial shrewdness have evidently gone out of the window, in favour of flashy jewels that do the speaking for us. I mean, do you really need to explain that you're incredibly content in your relationship, when you have a ring with enough carats to dazzle everyone you cross paths with? I think not.

Here we have 12 women revealing the real reason why they upgraded their engagement ring for something a bit (or a lot) more extravagant:

1. This woman feels "shallow" about upgrading her engagement ring

2. This woman wants to keep it all a secret 

3. Deep down, size really does matter

4. $8,000 is a rather substantial improvement! 

5. Some women are afraid of hurting their husband's feelings when asking for an engagement ring upgrade

6. While others feel pressure from outside sources...

7. And sometimes it's the fiancée that hankers after an upgrade 

8. Others have decided that love is the most important thing 

9. Like this woman...

10. And this one too

11. You can't deny that they're nice to look at, however...

12. This woman's $99 engagement ring is all she will ever need

Regardless of where you stand on ring upgrades, I think we can all agree that the whole point of having an engagement ring in the first place is to symbolise the love you have for your significant other, and as such, whether you have a bigger rock or a smaller one, it's ultimately immaterial as long as you are happy in your marriage.

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