13 Dating profile phrases that you should avoid at all costs

13 Dating profile phrases that you should avoid at all costs

Making a dating profile is never easy. Trying to whittle down everything about your life into something that is both witty and informative is something everyone struggles with when they start using online dating apps and websites. As you try and navigate this minefield of potential wrong decisions, you can end up creating a finished product that doesn't accurately represent your personality. If you've ever read a friends' bio and thought "this doesn't describe them at all", you'll know what I mean.

With so many people dating this way in the modern age, you end up seeing the same things come up again and again. It's hard to stay original with millions logging in each day, but there are some key phrases that you should do your best to avoid. From Reddit and beyond, we've found the profile phrases that irritate other users the most. Because regardless of the intent, the smallest things can put potential partners off, leaving you wondering why you're not getting any matches...

1. "Impress me"

While you may think this is a show of confidence, it can be really off-putting. Especially when you amp it up to the likes of "I have 99+ matches so you’ll have to impress me". The dating scene can already feel like a savage battle for survival at times, so it's best not to announce it like you're presiding over gladiatorial combat.

2. "I'm not like other girls"

Variations of this include "I'm not a typical '...'". Claiming you're unique without showing any reason why is a little like claiming to be humble, it will likely make people think you're the opposite of what you say.

3. "I made this account as a joke"

It might be true, or it might be a way to deflect from the fact you feel a little vulnerable putting yourself out there, but people are going to swipe left if they suspect you're not serious about looking for someone.

4. "If you want to know about me, just ask"

A lot of people do this. They might be hoping their photos are enough to entice you in, or simply don't know how to describe themselves - but offering no information about yourself to potential dates is enough for people to be skeptical.

5. "I love music"

While this phrase isn't a specific pet peeve, saying you love generic things like this can get repetitive after a while. There's little doubt that you do love pizza, Netflix, dogs, or listening to music, but so do the majority of the population. If you want to stand out from the crowd, this isn't the best start.

6. "I just got out of a committed relationship"

The honesty is admirable, and there's no issue if you've recently had a break-up or even a divorce - but is this the first thing you want to put out there? People are going to make assumptions, namely the fact that if this is a key part of your bio, it might mean you're looking for a rebound, or may not be ready for anything yet.

7. "Deleting soon"

However true it is that you're leaving your chosen dating app/site soon, letting everyone know sounds more like a closing down sale, which isn't the most attractive prospect.

8. Listing what you hate

Phrases like "If you have a Snapchat filter in your photo, swipe left" just sets a hostile, bitter tone to begin with. You might be trying to weed out certain types of people by doing this, but even those that aren't lumped in with that crowd will likely be put off by this anyway.

9. "Fluent in sarcasm"

For some reason, there's a lot of people out there who think they're the first to say this. Frankly, most people get pretty sick of reading it - and wonder if the rest of your bio is sarcastic too.

10. "Live laugh love"

Generic quotes like this drive people up the wall sometimes, as does the oft-seen "looking for a partner in crime". Besides - it doesn't provide much information about you either"

11. "Done with drama"

If you announce in your bio that you are "done with all the liars, players, and cheaters", people are going to associate you with that drama, not to mention wonder what went down in your previous relationships and whether you're in a good place to start a new one.

12. "Must know how to take a joke"

While everyone wants this in a partner, putting out there sets you up to expect a sense of humour that veers more into the obnoxious and cruel than anything else.

13. A list of demands

Whether this starts off as "our first date can't be...", requests a particular height in their partner, or otherwise demands that you be a certain type of person, rather than offering anything of interest for you to choose them, they might just avoid you entirely.

When you see them listed like this, the pitfalls are a lot clearer to see, but you'll be surprised how easy it is to fall back on certain phrases, even if you have the best of intentions. Speaking of what works and what doesn't in online dating - did you know that the jobs that increase your chances of being successful on Tinder were recently revealed?