13 Tattoos absolutely made for you and your BFF

13 Tattoos absolutely made for you and your BFF

Whenever someone I know gets a tattoo, I tell them I think it looks brilliant, regardless of my true feelings.

Perhaps this is because I could not bear to be the one to tell them that they have made a very grave, and decidedly permanent, mistake. It is much easier to nod along as they explain the obscure meaning behind the roman numerals they have had etched onto their skin in perpetuity, rather than point out that 'V' means five, not four.

However, tattoos can also be works of art in their own right. When done tastefully, tattoos can be not only aesthetically pleasing, but able to convey meaning and represent memories for those who have them. If the idea appeals to you, then coalescing 'BFF' tattoos might be the trend for you. Check out these brilliant examples.

1. Soul sister 

2. Cute 

3. Deep

4. The perfect combination 

5. What a wonderful phrase 

6. Meaningful 

7. Always ready to listen

8. Rules for life 

9. "Bro!" "Dude!" 

10. No stronger bond than Spongebob and Patrick 

11. Perfect 

12. Buzz Lightyear love 

13. Ying and Yang

Can you see the perfect tattoo pairing for you and your BFF? There's definitely some food for thought here.