13 Women who totally thought they were going to be proposed to

13 Women who totally thought they were going to be proposed to

When expectations don't match up to reality, embarrassment all too often ensues.

As such, personally I never allow myself to whip myself into an excitable frenzy about anything for fear of the inevitable, depressing let down. Hope, after all, is too often the harbinger of disappointment and frustration.

There's a famous saying that warns against assumption, and with good reason. To avoid feeling foolish and embarrassed, steer clear of assuming that things will go your way without any particular effort on your own part.

These women, for example, thought they were going to be proposed to, but were rebuffed in mortifying or else somewhat depressing circumstances.

1. Seems a cruel way to end a relationship 

2. Excruciating 

3. Why bring it up? 

4. That is genuinely awful 

5. You can never have too many socks 

6. "YE- oh... You're just stretching" 

7. Almost complete opposites, in fact 

8. Actually pretty funny, that 

9. Perfect 

10. Bet that was a surprise

11. Still a happy ending!

12. How did you get those two mixed up? 

13. Why are they mutually exclusive?

Cringing? Lost hope of true love forever? Just remember that there are countless other happy relationships going on in the world. Look for one, or don't, the choice is yours.