13-year-old girl surprises her brother with the most sarcastic birthday present ever

13-year-old girl surprises her brother with the most sarcastic birthday present ever

It's an unspoken duty for siblings to pester each other. Of course, it can be nice to have someone to play with and borrow toys and clothes from. You can console each other during times that your parents just don't understand, and form alliances to convince them to buy you a puppy or a Wii for Christmas.

And sometimes – especially at boring family gatherings – engaging in mildly torturous activities with your siblings can be your only relief.

Brothers and sisters all over the world get a little kick from teasing each other, and no-one quite knows why it's so much fun. Sibling rivalry can seem cruel at times, but usually, no real harm is meant.

Just recently, one boy's sister really upped all sibling feuds with a strategic attack she made on his birthday. The boy, named Joel, uploaded a picture to both Reddit and Imgur, saying that his 13-year-old sister "thinks she's hilarious". It attracted a lot of attention on both sites, and it seems everyone is impressed by the level of savagery shown by the 13-year-old girl.

Here's the image he uploaded, captioned "My 13 year old sister thinks she’s hilarious":

Yep, it's a ladle with a label. But not just any old label: a laminated label, hole-punched and ornately attached to the oversized spoon with gold ribbon that's been curled with a pair of kitchen scissors (just a guess). Joel's sister printed out a screenshot of a text message they presumably exchanged, reading:

"what do u want for ur birthday"

"whatever lol"

Looks like she took his message quite literally, and got him one of the most random kitchen utensil of them all – a soup ladle. The sarcasm levels are high in this one.

But people came back with words of comfort for Joel about the sarcastic birthday present he received.

Some commented on the quality of the ladle:

Others pointed out its practical potential:

Some were impressed by the craftsmanship displayed in the label:

And a handful decided to do a little bit more social analysis:

But ultimately, it got him plenty of attention and it made a lot of people laugh:

So maybe it's the best present of all. Either way, Sister of the Year goes to Joel's 13-year-old sister, who managed to troll her brother while simultaneously making him and the rest of the internet laugh. You go girl.