14 Guys who are making all other boyfriends look terrible in comparison

14 Guys who are making all other boyfriends look terrible in comparison

While there can be little doubt that males have it easier than their female counterparts in general life, there are still some added pressures that come with being a man. You are expected to look after those around you while also looking after yourself and staying "strong". Arguably this model of the man is more prominent in relationships than anywhere else. Despite gender roles in society changing drastically over the last few decades, there is still an undoubted expectation for men to foot the bill at the end of a meal, to open doors to people and just generally remain chivalrous.

While some men struggle in this role, others prosper. The men below are absolutely smashing the boyfriend game out of the park and putting the rest of us to shame. Take a look at the below and be prepared to step up your romance game.

1. Netflix and Chill has just got a whole new meaning

2. He will always be with her, wherever he serves

3. Life goals = bacon roses

4. Crafted with love

5. This guy made an engagement ring with a quarter from the year his fiancé was born.. show off

6. Hand-crafted Harry Potter books? Urm, yes please

7. The perfect hangover spot

8. The sweetest remedy for the sighs


10. Yeah, but how much do I weigh though?

11. "I lov UE"? Joking, what a lovely thing to wake up to.

12. Nice shelf! But shouldn't there be some water in that bath?

13. 7,000 post-it notes later...

14. And this guy, who is representing for the rest of us!

If you ever feel like you are underachieving in your relationship, you are. Buck up your ideas and think of a creative way to show your loved one how much you cherish them. Or, y'know, you could make them a mutilated pug cake... that should work as well.