14 People reveal the reasons why they prefer dating someone clingy

14 People reveal the reasons why they prefer dating someone clingy

In the world of dating, is there anything more terrifying than the thought that you could be seeing a clingy person? Certainly, if you want to date in the modern age you not only have to prepare yourself for inevitable rejection, but also a myriad of different things, including "ghosting", a new phenomenon which emerged with the advent of the dating app.

As such, dating in a society which is simultaneously obsessed with choice, and incredibly indecisive does not bode well for those who invest in notions of love at first sight or put too much significance on first dates. I mean, the majority of Tinder and Bumble users only use the applications to scout out hookups. And whilst we do occasionally hear of people who have found undying love on such platforms, it's never a common occurrence.

However, it appears that there are some who actually prefer dating clingy people. And their reasons are actually pretty good... Have a gander below:

1. Feeling "wanted" is a theme that crops up again and again

2. I mean, this guy certainly agrees 

3. Ditto this response

4. No, it's not too much. 

5. You never need to question how they feel 

6. Literally, you never need to think twice...

7. For some, being clingy is a big turn on 

8. This girl really wants a clingy boyfriend 

 9. "Love shouldn't come and go as it pleases" 

10. Not so terrible, after all 

11. "Love it all" 

12. Jealousy doesn't always have to be a bad thing 

13. For some being clingy is a kind of reassurance 

14. And ultimately, being clingy shows that you care 

Well, there you have it. As it turns out, being clingy is a great way to show your significant other that you truly care about them. Creepiness has never seemed so thoughtful.