Here are the 14 things someone will do if they have a crush on you

Here are the 14 things someone will do if they have a crush on you

You would think it would get easier as we get older and wiser, but it's still difficult to tell when someone has a romantic interest in you. Some are more perceptive than others, but I can say for sure that I have no clue when it comes to this kind of thing. The point where this becomes a problem is when the object of your affections isn't giving you any obvious clues, and you're left analysing their every move to see if there's anything between you.

Luckily for us, we can look to the internet for advice from all sorts of people, the ultimate resource to answer this question. Scouring the net, we compiled this list of ways to figure out whether someone is interested in you or not, as recommended by real people.

1. It's all in the eyes

It's hard to notice when you're mid-conversation, but if you see their pupils have dilated, that's generally seen as a good sign. Maintaining eye contact, especially from across the room, is a big one. If you find yourself looking up and seeing their eyes dart away, it may be because they're unconsciously looking your way quite often.

2. Nervousness

This can be hard to spot, as some people are naturally a little awkward, but most people admit to stuttering or otherwise finding it difficult to speak to their crush due to nervousness.

3. Facebook stalking

Liking a photo is one thing, but when exactly was that photo taken? If you have to scroll even a little bit down your Facebook page to find it, it's likely they put a little extra effort to get a glimpse of your life.

4. Acting the wallflower

"If someone always manages to be around you, but doesn't talk to you," one Redditor suggested. It often shows that they want to interact but they are still building up the courage, hoping you'll talk to them first.

5. Unnecessary physical contact

Finding excuses to be physical with you, even if it's something as minimal as following up a comment on your sweater by touching the material. You can miss it, but when you're looking for it this kind of thing becomes very obvious.

6. Needing help with easy tasks

When someone asks for help to do something, they may just not know what they're doing or they could value your expertise. But when it's something that you know they're capable of figuring out for themselves, it's likely they're just using it as an excuse to talk to you.

7. Laughing at all your jokes

Who knows, you could be the funniest person in the world. But sometimes when you throw a joke out there that barely meets your own standards of humour, but still get hysterical laughter, there might be something else going on behind the scenes.

8. More attentive

When you get more attention than others around you, or when they speak to you on a quieter and more personal level. This is another one of those things that can be harder to pick up, but when you compare it with how they speak to other people, it can become clear.

9. Lasting smiles

If a person likes you and you said something that made him smile then his smile will last for some time. While the smile usually fades, it will be around longer when it's a sign of interest.

10. Mentioning you in your absence

If you find out they have asked about or mentioned you to mutual friends, even if the comment isn't a compliment, it shows that you're on their mind.

11. Copying body language

According to neuro-linguistic programming, a person will mimic the body language of another person unconsciously if they find them interesting. So if you spot someone copying your gestures in a subtle way, they're likely to be intrigued.

12. Calling you by your name

Whether it's unconscious or not, many people end up using their crush's name more frequently when they are talking to them, even if it's unnecessary to use.

13. Asking questions

It's always good to ask questions about someone's life when you're talking to them, but if you find that the majority of the conversation is them sending them your way, it shows they have a clear interest in what you do.

14. Remembering small details

If weeks after a conversation with someone, they remember the minor details of what you talked about, including the number of siblings you have and your favourite horror film, they either have a great memory or they're putting far more effort into it.

Now you know the clues to look out for, you might end up spotting some of these in someone you know. It's best to not overthink or analyse everyone you know, however, as you might end getting the wrong idea. If you want to get to the root of why these crushes occur in the first place, why not check out this list of the most unusual things women find attractive in guys.